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Vaporizadores portáteis

Vaporizadores que podes levar para qualquer lado, até para locais onde não há electricidade. Estes vaporizadores requerem apenas a chama de um isqueiro-maçarico, ou podem ser ligados a pilhas.

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Firefly 2 is the much anticipated successor of the vape classic. Handy, lighter, easier to use and featuring smart technical solutions. A next level vaporizer.
The Arizer Air by Canadian manufacturer Arizer Tech is for all intents and purposes the Arizer Solo 2.0 – smaller, with interchangeable battery and an optimized heating system with five…
O tão esperado Arizer Solo é um vaporizador portátil que funciona com uma poderosa bateria de lítio. Tem um aquecedor multi-funcional em cerâmica de alta qualidade e definições para 7…
From the creators of the acclaimed DaVinci comes the Ascent: a high quality portable vaporizer that will redefine your portable vaporizing experience.
The Crafty is the smallest vaporizer made by Storz & Bickel, the company behind the Volcano. The Crafty features precise temperature control, single button operation and full customization via a…

1 peça - $ 326,89$ 306,05

Sendo um dos vaporizadores elétricos portáteis mais rápidos, o FlashVAPE irá impressionar-te rapidamente. Poderás desfrutar de uma vaporização após apenas 5 segundos. O FlashVAPE inclui um recipiente grande, adequado para…
Compact, powerful and highly affordable, the Aura pen vaporizer is another top quality product from FlowerMate. Features fully adjustable temperature and vapes herbs, waxes and oils.

1 peça - $ 108,60

Great things happen when style meets simplicity. The FlowerMate V5.0 is a highly affordable portable herb vaporizer that delivers consistently pure vapours.
The FlowerMate V5.0S is a highly affordable portable vaporizer that delivers consistently pure vapours. This model has all the features of the V5.0 plus it allows for three temperature settings…
The FlowerMate Mini is the pocket friendly version of the FlowerMate V5.0S Pro, combining outstanding performance with a fully customizable temperature setting. Suitable for herbs, waxes and oils.
The FlowerMate V5.0S Pro is a highly efficient portable herb vaporizer that simply delivers. The Pro upgrade is equipped with an LCD display, fully customizable temperature setting and heats up…
Double the bowls, double the fun! The Haze Dual V3 features two chambers and can vaporize herbs, e-liquids, wax and concentrates. It's the most versatile vaporizer in the world.
The special Laser Etched Magic-Flight Launch Box kit contains the same portable vaporizer & accessories as the regular MFLB, but adorned with mesmerizing laser etched designs on the glass lid.

Metatron's Cube - $ 137,12

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O Magic-Flight é um vaporizador portátil compacto. Esta caixa proporciona uma maneira rápida, eficiente e de confiança, de qualquer pessoa vaporizar, em qualquer lugar.
The Mighty portable vaporizer by Storz & Bickel (Volcano) features dual lithium-ion batteries and gives you complete control over the vaporisation temperature.

1 piece - $ 381,74$ 349,93

The Muad-Dib Concentrate Box by Magic-Flight is a small and highly portable vaporizer that's designed specifically for vaporizing concentrates.The easiest way to enjoy dabbing!
The PAX 2 is the ultimate handheld vaporizer for dry herbs. The stunningly beautiful design and unmatched user-friendliness make this one of the most iconic vaporizers of our time.
If you loved the discreet PUFFiT vaporizer, you'll love the upgraded model called the PUFFiT X. While maintaining all the great features from the original PUFFiT, the X model adds…
The Storm pen-style vaporizer is among the very best bang-for-your buck vaporizers that you can find. The Storm effortlessly vapes herbs, resins and oils, and offers five pre-set temperature settings.

1 peça - $ 108,60

No matter how rugged you live your life, no matter where your path takes you, the Summit+ by Vapium keeps up. With reliable performance in any environment, this is the…
Simple to use and highly versatile, the Vapir Prima delivers high quality portable vapes from the first puff to the last cloud. Suitable for herbs and extracts with four pre-set…
The AirVape Xs is a discreet pocket size vaporizer. Roughly the size of a credit card, but thicker, easy to use anywhere, anytime.
The Alfa is a compact yet surprisingly powerful dry herb vaporizer. It's smaller than the average mobile phone and fits perfectly in your pocket. The ideal vaporizer for those with…

Negro - $ 196,35

O Alivi8 é um pequeno cachimbo-vaporizador, com um sistema de arrefecimento único. É aquecido por chama e feito de aço inoxidável médico, agradável ao toque e extremamente durável
The Boundless CF vaporizer is a fast and powerful piece of machinery. It is equipped with a powerful (80w) heating element, with a heat up time of less than 20…

1 peça - $ 152,48

The Boundless CF Hybrid presents a handy all-round solution for endless vaping possibilities.

1 peça - $ 196,35

The youngest brother in the Boundless family, like most younger brothers the most trendy and futuristic looking of the bunch.

1 peça - $ 97,63

Get ready to work on your vape technique because the Boundless CFV uses full convection heating. The result? Even smoother vapour with great taste.
The Boundless CFX Vaporizer is making leaps and bounds in vape technology. With a fully isolated air path, complete temperature control and a 20 second heat up time this is…

- $ 207,32

Este excelente produto foi pensado pelo activista da canábis e pioneiro dos vaporizadores, Eagle Bill, para tornar a vaporização disponível a todos. Este simples cachimbo de vidro torna a vaporização…

1 peça - $ 16,40

Funcionalidade, portabilidade e excelente produção de vapor; o vaporizador Da Vinci tem tudo a seu favor.
Dr. Dabber Boost eRig is the high-end solution for dabbing concentrates and waxy oils.

1 peça - $ 185,38

Be reborn like the mythological bird rising from the ashes. Only nowadays we use convection vapour from herbs, e-liquids and wax produced by the Fenix.

1 peça - $ 97,63

The Hybrid X is the all-in-one solution for those people that want to vape liquids, herbs and concentrates with the same vaporizer.
The FlowerMate V5.0X Mini is the smaller version of the V5.0X, FlowerMate’s versatile portable with 6 temperature presets.
The FlowerMate V5.0X is a user friendly dream machine, with 6 preset temperatures it will happily vaporize herbs and concentrates.
The FlowerMate V7.0 is back with an updated S model. This ultra stylish flask vaporizer is equipped with borosilicate glass mouthpiece and has three vaping temperatures to choose from.

Silver - $ 130,54$ 91,38

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The G Pen Elite from Grenco, well known for their collaborations with Snoop Dogg. The G Pen Elite looks like something out of your favourite sci-fi movie, it's nearly as…

- $ 185,38

The Grasshopper is a revolutionary vaporizer that looks beautiful and discreet but also is extremely fast.
Capable of producing thick clouds of vapour while maintaining a discreet E-cig style pen appearance, the Imag Plus vaporizer provides outstanding performance for a great price.

Black - $ 103,66$ 71,30

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Raise your IQ to the level of Leonardo da Vinci with this innovative vaporizer. Truly a smart choice.

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A pen-shaped vaporizer that is the result of a unique collaboration between O.penVAPE and reggae musician Ziggy Marley.

1 peça - $ 75,69

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Odin was the wisest of the Norse gods. Now you can share his wisdom thanks to the foolproof vaporizer named in his honour.
The Omicron v2.5 essential oil vaporizer is the vaporizer that started the oils & concentrates craze. This little vaporizer is the fifth generation based on the omi platform and the…
It's here: the long awaited PAX 3 vaporizer. The follow-up to a true classic features some great innovations. And looks beautiful too.
The Sutra Double Pack contains two Sutra Essential Oil vaporizer pens for a special bundled price. Give one away as a present or keep it yourself as back-up.

Carbon fiber - $ 87,70

Produto fora de stock.

This butane-powered portable vaporizer in the form of a hammer will rekindle your love for the classic catchphrase ‘Hammertime’. Don’t worry, the quality of The Hammer Pro Vaporizer is no…

1 peça - $ 108,60

Obi-Wan never told you The Force can be vaped. You just need the Jedi approved Torch vaporizer by TopBond.
The VapCap is a discreet pocket sized vaporizer, which is very simple to use. It has a built in temperature indicator, just wait for the click.

1 peça - $ 43,82

O Vapman é manufacturado cuidadosamente com materiais de excelente qualidade, e cabe numa mala plástica.
Descobre a magia da tua mistura preferida sem CO, CO2 ou NH3 com este vaporizador manual portátil. A resina da(s) erva(s) é transformada em vapor cósmico.

1 item - $ 18,59

O Vapo-bowl tem uma abertura de tamanho estandardizado, por isso pode ser adaptada a todos os tipos de cachimbos e bongos, transformando-os em vaporizadores eficazes. Podes mudar a temperatura dentro…
O Vapocane converte o teu bongo de vidro num vaporizador eficaz.. A única coisa que precisas é um bongo com uma entrada de 14.5 ou 18.8 mm. O isqueiro-maçarico e…

1 peça - $ 26,88

O Vaponic é um vaporizador portátil, confiável e bem pensado, que usa apenas materiais seguros e da melhor qualidade.

1 piece - $ 43,33

The VaporGenie Aluminum Bat is designed to provide the ultimate in portability, durability and convenience. It easily fits in your pocket. The flame intake hole is located on the side…

1 piece - $ 48,81

O VaporGenie é um cachimbo vaporizador muito mais seguro e agradável de usar que um cachimbo de combustão convencional. É um produto de alta qualidade, durável, que te proporcionará anos…
O VaporGenie de Bobina Inoxidável é uma variante mais artística do que os típicos cachimbos vaporizadores. Para os que querem vaporizar com estilo!

1 item - $ 38,39

O VaporGenie Vidro é uma original peça, em vidro feito a mão, que incorpora a famosa técnica VG de vaporização através de filtro.

1 piece - $ 152,48

Make a wish for an easy to use vaporizer pipe with uncompromising quality and the VaporGenie will grant it: the Glass Bat.

1 peça - $ 92,69

A nova geração de vaporizadores... O IOLITE Original é um vaporizador revolucionário, de bolso e de funcionamento a gás. Está pronto a funcionar em 45 segundos. Disponível em 9 cores…

preto - $ 104,21

Mais forte, mais rápido, melhor - the WISPR 2 é a sequela de um vaporizador, feita como deve ser. Qualidade ainda melhor, o mesmo visual retro. Finalmente um vaporizador que…
The Cane-Gun is a pipe adapter that can be combined with the Vapocane Fusion vaporizer and all diffuser adapters and glass bowls. Made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

1 peça - $ 18,10

The Cane-Gun is a Sherlock pipe adapter that can be combined with the Vapocane Fusion vaporizer and all diffuser adapters and glass bowls. Borosilicate glass piece with 18 mm female…

1 peça - $ 12,07

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