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Vaporizadores de concentrados

Os vaporizadores de concentrados, também conhecidos como vaporizadores (tipo) caneta, são um subgrupo dos vaporizadores portáteis. Excelentes na vaporização de extratos/concentrados de ervas e óleos, muitas vezes contam também com a possibilidade de vaporizar ervas secas. Isto faz do vaporizador tipo caneta um dispositivo altamente versátil e, considerando também a sua natureza compacta e portátil, e aparência discreta não muito diferente da dos modernos cigarros eletrónicos, descobres o perfeito companheiro de viagem.

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If you need a low profile dose of concentrate vapor stat, the Aurora magnetic vaporizer pen delivers. With three heat settings and three unique atomizers for every type of oil,…
Vaporizing concentrates or waxy oils? The doctor prescribes the Dr. Dabber Ghost pen vaporizer, built specifically for high quality, low-heat vaporizing with a grade 4 titanium atomizer.
The Light pen vaporizer by Dr. Dabber is a smaller and more discreet version of the Dr. Dabber Ghost. Prepare to be amazed at the exquisite flavour this compact vaporizer…
The Storm pen-style vaporizer is among the very best bang-for-your buck vaporizers that you can find. The Storm effortlessly vapes herbs, resins and oils, and offers five pre-set temperature settings.

Release your inner vape-ninja with this tiny, super stealthy concentrate vaporizer.

Boundless gets into the concentrate game with the CF 710. Looks small yet produces amazing clouds full of tasty molecules. Dab me crazy!
Curious about the world of dabbing? Let this little friend introduce you to the magic of pure and powerful concentrate hits.
This is the good old Dabstorm 2.0 we all know and love, but with some improvements that make it more durable and better looking.
Compact, powerful and highly affordable, the Aura pen vaporizer is another top quality product from FlowerMate. Features fully adjustable temperature and vapes herbs, waxes and oils.
A simple but reliable pen vaporizer for vaporizing herbs with three temperature settings and one-button operation. The G Pro is great for affordable and portable vaping.
A little-known fact, Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep, wielded a small tool to put everybody into a dream state. This is the updated version for use with concentrates.
This tiny device turns your e-liquids or essential oils into beautiful, tasty clouds. It's small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, which makes it very suitable for…
Additional or replacement rechargeable battery including USB charger for your O.penVAPE vaporizer. Simply charge the battery and attach it to a cartridge with mouthpiece, it's that easy!

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If only I could adjust the power on my O.penVAPE battery. Wish granted!
Want a stronger draw and bigger puffs from your tasty O.penVAPe cartridges? The Dual Logic Battery/Charger gives you control over the amount of oil-based vapour hitting your lungs.
Easily create your own vape oil cartridge and enjoy it with this complete O.penVAPE 'Fill-It-Yourself' kit. Includes coilless vape pen and accessories for filling cartridges.

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The Omicron v2.5 essential oil vaporizer is the vaporizer that started the oils & concentrates craze. This little vaporizer is the fifth generation based on the omi platform and the…
Are you concentrate curious but have nails and rigs always intimidated you? Puffco presents the solution: an elegant concentrate pen. The Puffco Plus.
What's that seductive green light beckoning? It's the cloud button on the Puffco Pro 2 which will turn your precious concentrate in beautiful vapour.
For those who like to incorporate the VapCap in their style game we give the VapCap M. Clean and strong while still using the trusted heat and click technique.

This is the talk of all the vaporizer mega minds at Azarius Headquarters, the Dynavap VapCap OmniVap. Now also available in Blackwood and Cocobolo!

Get into the VapCap game. It's easy, tasteful and quite affordable. No more batteries to get your lungs filled with vapour.

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Get your torches out, It's Vaponic time! The stylish new Plus model will steal the hearts of those into beautiful design...and getting high.
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