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VaporGenie Aluminum Bat

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The VaporGenie Aluminum Bat is designed to provide the ultimate in portability, durability and convenience. It easily fits in your pocket and is ideal for on the go.

The VaporGenie uses a lighter or match, but never lets the flame touch your herb. While it is not an electronic unit, it is a very affordable way to save your lungs from fire whenever you aren’t at your home vapor base!

One helpful innovation in this pipe compared to the wooden VaporGenie is that the flame intake hole is located on the side of the pipe. This puts the hole in clear view, making it very easy to position the flame properly.

The largest part is made of a single piece of solid aluminum. So the bowl is aluminum, not stainless steel. The bowl has the same stainless steel screen and stainless steel wire coil that is used in all VaporGenies. The bowl is deep (the same size and depth as the Aluminum VGs or handcarved VGs). The male threads on the filter part are stainless steel. Also, the ceramic filter is insulated from the aluminum filter body by a stainless steel liner, just like in all the wood VaporGenies.


In use, these pipes require a little more flame application than the other Vaporgenie pipes. They are therefore less likely to burn your herbs. This is because the aluminum will absorb more heat in both the filter portion and the pipe portion. The pipe will definitely become warm with use, but it does not become uncomfortably hot, unless perhaps you use it in a hot environment.

The Aluminum Bat can be easily cleaned by soaking in a cleaning solvent such as alcohol (e.g. isopropanol) or hot soapy water.

For detailed instructions on how to use a VaporGenie, visit

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3 Comentários

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Bruno Freitas 2017-12-14

It's good for the porpuse of waiting on VapCap M to be available, but it gets too hot and doesn't give total satisfaction, it makes me miss a joint and that's a problem

It's good for the porpuse of waiting on VapCap M to be available, but it gets too hot and doesn't give total satisfaction, it makes me miss a joint and that's a problem

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Adam Sterdam 2010-10-16

i got it through the website a couple of monthes ago and am very happy about it. worked very well, very solid, fits in your pocket, very good value for the money.

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