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VaporGenie Glass Bat

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Lightweight but durable, basic yet high quality; the Glass Bat by VaporGenie is a wish that's been granted.

The VaporGenie Glass Bat is a pipe vaporizer with an elegant simplicity. But make no mistake, as this pipe gets nothing but the best vapour from your herbs.

No fuss

Chargers, batteries and gas cannisters are annoying, especially if you have to drag them around with you. As luck would have it, you'll always run out of juice at the worst possible time and separate accessories have a tendency to mysteriously get lost. That's why the Glass Bat is designed as one glass piece with just a few removable components.

You'll only need to bring a lighter (note: not a torch lighter!), the pipe and your herb. You can control the temperature by the speed at which you inhale. Simple, but effective.

The best materials

The glass is made of rock solid 2.5 mm German borosilicate glass, without a ground glass joint. This makes the Glass Bat more durable than the VaporGenie Glass Sherlock.

The ceramic filter is made of high-purity silicon carbide (silicon and carbon), one of the most heat-resistant ceramics known. It won't burn or deteriorate, meaning you'll never have to replace it.

Innovative sliding door

With a simple twist of the sliding door you can open or close the bowl. This innovative system is unique to the VaporGenie Glass Bat. A handy way to prevent accidental spilling.

VaporGenie Glass Bat contents

  • Glass Bat vaporizer pipe
  • Instruction manual
  • 2 screens

The VG Glass Bat uses smaller screens than other VaporGenie pipes. A larger size screen will work but is not ideal. Please choose the screen pack for the Glass Bat.


Screen size 12 mm
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10914 1 peça

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