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Vaporizadores alimentados a chama

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Os vaporizadores alimentados a chama são aquecidos pela chama de um isqueiro em vez de uma bateria. O vapor é intensamente puro e nunca correrás novamente o risco de ficar sem bateria. Estes vaporizadores têm um toque artesanal que aumentam o seu charme natural. O uso de um isqueiro-maçarico é sempre recomendado. Às vezes, a inovação está em manter as coisas simples.

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So you want to switch to vaping, but you just can’t part from your precious bong? Why not combine the two? Sticky Brick's Flip Brick is a handy water tool…
At first sight, this 'Log Lady approved' vaporizer might look like a simple piece of wood. However, once it reveals its secret to you, it can produce the most epic…

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Do you want to play with wooden bricks again? And fire too! Then the beautifully crafted OG Brick vaporizer by Sticky Brick Labs will give you countless hours of joy.
Wood that fits in your pocket. Get your jokes ready. And your torch lighter for this portable wood and glass vaporizer straight from the Sticky Brick Labs.

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Handmade from natural materials, powered by a flame, Sticky Brick Labs strikes again with the Runt vaporizer.

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Step aside NonaVonG, here's the VapCap HydraVonG! Detailed wood carving, a newly designed carb hole and ready for some serious bong action.
You spin me round like a HydraVonG XLS. A beautiful interpretation of the HydraVong with a wooden mouthpiece. Can be used in combination with bongs for extra smooth highs.

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For those who like to incorporate the VapCap in their style game, we give the VapCap M. Clean and strong while still using the trusted heat and click technique.
VapCap M 2019 - 89,96 US$82,76 US$
The VapCap M 2020 is an updated version of the most popular DynaVap flame vaporizer. The 2020 M packs a number of improvements that will get you high in new…
1 piece - 94,76 US$
Dynavap strikes again with the NonaVonG VapCap. So simple, yet so effective.

This is the talk of all the vaporizer mega minds at Azarius Headquarters, the Dynavap VapCap OmniVap. Now also available in Blackwood and Cocobolo!

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The OmniVonG Hydra XL is the premium model of the excellent Hydra line by DynaVap. Total airflow control for the lover of flame powered vaping.

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The VapCap is a discreet pocket sized vaporizer, which is very simple to use. It has a built in temperature indicator, just wait for the click.
1 peça - 53,97 US$46,78 US$

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O Vaponic é um vaporizador portátil, confiável e bem pensado, que usa apenas materiais seguros e da melhor qualidade.
1 piece - 46,78 US$34,78 US$

Produto fora de stock.

Get your torches out, It's Vaponic time! The stylish new Plus model will steal the hearts of those into beautiful design...and getting high.
1 peça - 94,76 US$

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The VaporGenie Aluminum Bat is designed to provide the ultimate in portability, durability and convenience. It easily fits in your pocket. The flame intake hole is located on the side…
1 piece - 58,77 US$
O VaporGenie é um cachimbo vaporizador muito mais seguro e agradável de usar que um cachimbo de combustão convencional. É um produto de alta qualidade, durável, que te proporcionará anos…
Make a wish for an easy to use vaporizer pipe with uncompromising quality and the VaporGenie will grant it: the Glass Bat.
1 peça - 106,75 US$
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