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Herborizer System XL

15663 Herborizer

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The Herborizer System XL with temperature control features a large bowl for long sessions and multilayered highs like you have never experienced before. The System XL not only works with all Herborizer glass units but can easily be attached to the bong you know like no other. Just don’t forget to choose the right joint size. This model works at a variable temperature between 90° and 230 °C and can be used with weed, oils and hash.  Prepare for some scientific highs!

Adaptable with all bongs equipped with joint 14.5 mm or 18.8 mm.

Herborizer System XL characteristics

  • Chirurgical stainless steel heating element
  • Can be used with all Herborizer bodies and glass bongs in general  
  • Works on 100/240 VAC and 12 VDC
  • Weight: 1.5 kg

Tips & Tricks

  • Always preheat the unit for 5 to 10 minutes
  • For maximum efficiency inhale gently and slowly, the vapour will appear after 2-3 inhalations.
  • If you wish to use essential oils and resin, first place on a bed of dried herbs.
  • The conical glass joints are extremely precise, to disassemble twist to release before pulling apart
  • To avoid damage to the injector never blow into the Herborizer
  • To change the herbs, remove the hot injector and place on a glass stand (optional extra) or on a wooden or glass board.
  • Regularly clean the glass parts for optimal functioning, preferably with an organic cleaner or alcohol

What’s in the box

  • Bowl 14.5 mm or 18.8mm
  • 5 screens
  • Injector
  • Glass spoon
  • Temperature controller
  • Power supply
  • Power cord


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