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Arizer Easy Flow bubbler mouthpiece

Arizer Easy Flow bubbler mouthpiece

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Hand-blown glass bubbler mouthpiece from Easy Flow cools the vapour as you inhale and you won't need any additional water tools or adapters. Suitable for the Air and Solo.

Only slightly larger than the standard Arizer Solo mouthpiece, this revolutionary accessory brings fresh, cool vapour to a whole new level of discreetness and portability.

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  • + goedkoop
  • - door het weinige water dat er in zit koelt he
  • - goedkoop maar weggesmeten geld
  • - water komt in het kruid compartiment zelfs al
  • - water komt in je mond tijdens inhaleren

het kopen niet waard



+ - Enhances the flavor.
- Superb airflow
- Makes an already smooth vape smoother.
- Cozy bubbling sounds.

- - The waterfilling part.

The reason i gave a minus on the filling part is that its so easy to overfill it or get water in the herb chamber.

If you're using one of the stock glass mouthpieces do yourself a favor and get one of the Easy flows.

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