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The Azarius Test Team

Azarius Test Team

Help us improve our service

Azarius puts a lot of love ‘n care in the quality of its products and service. Now we need your help to raise the bar even higher. Your opinion matters to us.

The Test Team initiative was developed to get feedback directly from you, our customer. Testers help us create more awesome products, write better descriptions and build a better website.

What is the Azarius Test Team?

Ordinary people, recruited to form an extraordinary team of highly motivated testers from all walks of life. Young and old, experienced and inexperienced, Homo sapiens and extraterrestrials; anyone can apply!

Azarius Test Team patch

How does it work?

Our procedure is quite simple. Whenever we have products that need testing, we’ll open up registration on this page. Everyone who applies to join the team will receive a preliminary questionnaire within two weeks of the closing date.

But, we’ll only accept a certain number of members each time. What we’re looking for changes each round, so feel free to apply for several rounds. Just please don’t take it personal if you don’t make the cut.

If you’re among the chosen ones, you'll test the products and rate the experience by filling in a lengthy questionnaire. Since you’re helping us out, we’ll send you the test products for free.

Free products?!

Yes. Free.

As a member, you'll receive free products, an information package and a cool patch that you can sew on your jacket, favourite sweater your grandmother made for you or backpack. You’ll be recognized as an honorary Azarius test member (or Azalyst as we like to call you guys). The world will forever be in your debt.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. We only ask that you:

We’re joking about that last one of course. Testing our products is perfectly safe.



The Azarius Test Team is a diverse team of participants that are brought together from all over Europe. Every now and then we will start a new selection procedure.

At the moment, we've reached the maximum capacity of participants. Sorry about that! We recommend that you keep a close eye on our newsitems and the intergalactic Azarius newsletter. As soon as we're looking for more unquestioningly loyal lab rats Azalysts, we'll let you know!

Products reviewed by the Azarius Test Team

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