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Catmint (Nepeta cataria) seeds

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Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is the most famous type of catmint plant, which you can grow with these seeds.

Catmint is often grown as an ornamental plant, but of course best known for it's seemingly irresistible effect on most cats. Grow these in your outdoor garden at your own risk - before you know it, you'll have hordes of neighbourhood cats congregating around your plants.

Growing information

Nepeta cataria grows between 45 - 100 cm tall with a square stem and brown-green foliage. It blooms from late spring through autumn, showing small white flowers with pale pink or purple spots. Its fragrance is very similar to mint.

The plant is drought-resistant. The seeds remain viable for up to five years.

How to cultivate catmint (Nepeta cataria)

Catmint seeds are quite tough and need to be stratified before they will sprout. To do this, place the seeds in the freezer overnight and then in a bowl of water for 24 hours. Start in a small pot with a small amount of soil. Water lightly twice a day until established.

Once you move it to an (outdoor) garden, beware of unwanted visitors. Some cats like to lie on top of the plant or chew it, which will stunt or halt growth.

Catmint herb requires lots of light, but fortunately once they're established they require very little care. In some case it even thrives a little too well and can become an issue much like common weed.


Catmint is relaxing and mildly hallucinogenic. After drinking a strong tea of the herb, it gives a pleasant relaxing high and has a stimulating effect on the imagination.

Catmint preparation and dosage

For mild euphoric (and according to some dream-enhancing) effects, make a tea from the dried leaves and combine it with Damiana (Turnera diffusa) in equal parts. Add 2 tablespoons of each to 250 ml water and allow it to steep for five minutes.

Catnip is also a common ingredient in herbal blends related to sleep and relaxation.

Nepeta cataria herb

This product is also available as shredded catmint herb.

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cunha 2018-01-13

Hey, what do I need to harvest from this plant to be able to smoke it?

[Azarius: flowers and leaves will do, but for the best result you'll have to dry them first.]

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