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Kit para cultivo de cogumelos 'Ready-To-Grow'

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Easily grow your own magic mushrooms with the mushroom grow kit 'Ready-To-Grow'. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps. After about 3 weeks the first shrooms can be harvested.

The Mushroom Grow Kit Ready-To-Grow contains mycelium from the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom. The mycelium in this kit has been developed on a rye-based substrate with a layer of vermiculite on top.

  • Produces multiple harvests
  • Yield: 400 - 600 g
  • From start to harvest: 3 weeks
  • Available as: B+, Cambodia and Golden Teacher

Innervisions grow kit collection

Innervisions has over 15 years of experience in the production of mushroom growing products. Below you can find an overview of their complete mushroom kits.

Mushroom Grow Kits Ease of use Maintenance Yield Water supply
Mini Grow Kit 200-300 g Once per yield
Ready-To-Grow 400-600 g Once per yield
Easy 300-450 g Once per yield
Master 1000 g Once per yield
Basic 300-450 g Daily

For more information about Innervisions products, see


Cultivation box (1200 ml) with colonized substrate, grow bag with air filter, two paper clips.

Shelf life

Store in a cool and dark place (refrigerator). Please note that this product has a limited shelf life. We recommend setting up the kit for growing immediately, it really is ready to grow!

Growing manual

STEP 1 - Opening
First, wash your hands thoroughly to avoid contamination! Carefully open one corner of the lid of the box and take the lid off. Rinse it with water and keep it for later.

STEP 2 - Getting your kit ready
Place the grow kit inside the plastic bag. Make sure the opening of the bag is pointing upwards. Spray the inside of the bag with water a couple of times. (NOT on the white mycelium itself!). Close the bag by folding the top twice, fasten it with two paper clips. Place the bag with the kit inside in a warm, light spot (20-25°C).

Note: do not place your grow kit in direct sunlight, on a radiator.

STEP 3 - Wait
Now it's just a matter of time.

Week 1: Maybe the first small caps will show themselves after 5 days, but you’ll probably have to wait until next week. This depends on your environmental conditions (temperature, light) and the colonization time of your strain.

Week 2-3: When the caps show themselves, it will take a week for the shrooms to mature, at the end of that week you will find the ideal time of harvesting.

Harvest your shrooms when the veil on the edges of the cap start breaking a bit, this means the caps are about to open. Check all your shrooms continuously. If this happens to one or more of them, harvest (Step 4)! Don’t hesitate if you’re not sure. If it’s a bit too early, your shrooms are still fine anyway.

If you see the lamella, and they've turned black (covered in spores), you’re a bit too late. This is a matter of learning and trying. if you’re late, you can still eat them. However, because the spores already dropped, your next flush may fail (see step 5).

STEP 4 - Harvest
Wash your hands thoroughly. Grab a shroom between your fingers at the base, and softly twist it out. Avoid touching the mycelium (white matter)! Get them all out, if some mushrooms formed in the substrate at the sides of the box get them out using sterilized tweezers.

Never go digging with your hands because you might contaminate the kit for the next flush.

STEP 5 - Get ready for your next flush!
Take the following steps, then proceed by going back to step 2.

  • Fill your grow kit with cold water. This is called a “cold shock”. It stimulates the mycelium to start growing again.
  • Make sure the mycelium is fully under water.
  • Put the lid back on.
  • Keep the mycelium submersed underwater for 12 hours.
  • After the twelve hours, open one corner of the lid and pour out the excess water.
  • Make sure it drains ’till the very last drop.
  • Remove the lid, but once again keep it!
  • Now go back to step 2

Most mushroom grow kits will give you three harvests.

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189 Comentários


  • Clear and easy instructions. (1)
  • First flush within 2 weeks. (1)
  • Easy set everything up. (1)


  • Can't think of any cons! (1)

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Anastasia 2017-11-10

I ordered the 'B+' strain.

I got my kit within 2 days! (ordered from within the Netherlands)

Set it up all on a monday, it was really easy. You just have to be cautious to not contaminate the kit, but as long as you…

I ordered the 'B+' strain.

I got my kit within 2 days! (ordered from within the Netherlands)

Set it up all on a monday, it was really easy. You just have to be cautious to not contaminate the kit, but as long as you work hygienic and wash your hands well (good idea to use a hand disinfectant) you won't really need to worry.

About 8 days later the first pins appeared. For my feeling it all took really long, but I'm just impatient. Once I spotted the first pins they started to grow quite rapidly after a day or three. It's fascinating to witness. It's been years ago since I last grew mushrooms, and I did it a couple of times, but it remains really cool to do. I also have to say that they actually tasted pretty decent! The shrooms I had before were really horrible and the taste alone made me throw up, but these were actually really mild, I wouldn't say tasty, that'd be a bit exagarated, but they didn't taste bad either! (I ate them fresh) I also didn't have any nausea. The trip itself was great, really positive and clear, it helped to give me some insights socially and emotionally, and my depression seems to be lifted.

Right now I'm waiting for the second flush, the pins appeared again yesterday. The yield was pretty decent as well, I didn't use a scale but I'd say atleast 120 grams fresh.

Good product, if you're still doubting whether to buy the kit, don't! Get it, you won't regret this!

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  • Clear and easy instructions.
  • Easy set everything up.
  • First flush within 2 weeks.
  • Can't think of any cons!

Dani 2017-10-06

The described yield is fresh yield or dry yield?


[Azarius: fresh yield, enjoy :) ]

John 2015-08-04

Got the B+ set.
Easy to setup, first harvest after 10 days with no additional maintainence.

Got an very unexpected 335gr the first run.

Would buy again!

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