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Kit para cultivo de cogumelos 'Easy' Ohne

Kit para cultivo de cogumelos 'Easy' Ohne

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The Grow Kit Easy Ohne contains almost all you need to easily grow your own mushrooms at home. In three easy steps, you will prepare a ready-to-grow cultivation box. Once the grow kit has been set-up, all you need to do is add water once, place it in the grow bag and wait for the mushrooms to grow.

  • Ready-to-grow in 3 easy steps
  • Minimal set-up time: 3 x 5 minutes
  • Grow multiple harvests
  • From start to harvest: 6 weeks

Note: The Ohne kit does not include any mushroom spores, prints or mycelium.

The Mushroom Grow Kit Easy is based on the ready-to-grow cultivation method. One of the great advantages of this method is that you will only need to water the cultivation box once, instead of every day.

By using a layer of perlite on the bottom and moist vermiculite on top of the cultivation box a water buffer for the mushrooms is created. The grow bag with microporous filter patch allows contaminant-free gas exchange but keeps humidity in, providing the perfect environment for mushroom growth.

Another great advantage of the Mushroom Grow kit Easy is that it uses a Mushbag with 425 grams sterilized rye. The Mushbag has a special air filter and rubber injection port that seals the bag hermetically after injection with the spore syringe.

Innervisions Grow Kit Collection

Innervisions has over 15 years of experience in the production of mushroom growing products. For more information about Innervisions products, see


Mushbag with 425 g sterilized rye, cultivation box (750 ml), grow bag with air filter, 200 ml vermiculite, 300 ml perlite, alcohol swab, 2 paper clips.

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