Peyote Decipiens (Lophophora decipiens)

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The small thornless Peyote Decipiens cactus (Lophophora decipiens) originates from the Mexican state Coahuila. The plant is a very important religious sacrament in many native American cultures of Central and North-America. However, even in its natural habitat, this plant is very scarce.

Our cacti are cultivated instead of taken from their natural habitat. By growing a Peyote Decipiens at home, you can help preserve this amazing cactus species.

The Peyote Decipiens will grow slightly bigger and faster than the Peyote Williamsii. When this cactus starts to flower, it will produce beautiful flowers with light pink to deep magenta colours.

The Peyote Decipiens comes in a small plastic pot and should be grown for a couple of years before it can be harvested. After the harvest, the cactus will continue to grow. Read more about how to cultivate the Peyote here.

Read more about this remarkable cactus in our encyclopaedia.

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