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SLICE Blackadder

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Blackadder is an herbal blend with which you can brew a delicious, relaxing tea. A real treat at the end of a long day at work or other times when you just need to unwind.

The main ingredients kanna and kratom are both known for the soothing and mildly stimulating effects. The package fits in your pocket and can easily be taken with you wherever you go.

Effects Blackadder

Within a half hour you’ll feel a pleasant relaxation come over you. It doesn’t make you lazy or lethargic, but it does provide a nice buzz that allows you to chill. Let the everyday stress glide away and enjoy a moment alone, for example with your favourite relaxing music. Blackadder is best enjoyed in a living room setting.

But you don’t have to be by yourself to get the most out of Blackadder. Especially the ingredient kanna provides a social effect. You’ll feel happier and more at ease in company, which makes it great to share with a small group of friends. The effects last two to three hours.

Blackadder usage

Break a small chunk and dissolve it in hot water for a delicious, relaxing tea. Take approximately 1 gram for a normal dose or 1.5 gram for a strong dose.

48 Azalysts participated in this test round. Of these 48 participants, there were 3 (6%) that indicated to experience no effect at an average dosage of 1.5 grams. The data that is presented below is based on the output of 45 Azalysts and represents average responses. For more detailed experiences, we refer you to the review tab.

More information on the Azarius Test Team.

What is a SLICE?

SLICE is a herbal blend that’s compressed to a compact bar. Each SLICE blend has a unique recipe with exotic herbs and concentrated herbal extracts to make a relaxing and mildly psychedelic tea.

Hemp oil has been added to all SLICE bars to give it a slightly moist feel and characteristic herbal aroma. Hemp oil has a neutral flavour and doesn’t interfere with the taste or effects of the main ingredients. The colour of the bar may vary, but the contents and effects remain consistent.

SLICE is not a party drug or strong psychedelic, but rather intended to be enjoyed in a serene setting. For example in the comfort of your living room or surrounded by nature. The mild effects make SLICE a delicious treat for sensitive users as well.

SLICE herbal solid bars

SLICE bars are available in different delicious and mind-blowing varieties. Check the chart below to find the right #SLICE for you!

Variety Effects
SLICE Blackadder

A relaxing blend of kratom and kanna.

SLICE Jo-burg High

This mix of wild dagga and damiana relaxes and acts as aphrodisiac.

SLICE Magic Thunder

Psychedelic formula containing kratom and salvia.

SLICE Trance Sensation

The most potent psychedelic SLICE. Contains salvia and marihuanilla extracts.

SLICE Power Spice

Formulated with kratom, salvia and wormwood extracts. Great for relaxation mixed with some trippy feelings.


Kratom, Sceletium tortuosum, Combretum quadrangulare, Zornia latifolia, Zornia latifolia extract, Hemp oil.


Acute side effects include dry mouth, loss of appetite and constipation. Side effects from long-term use include weight loss, insomnia and a darkening of the skin. Do not combine with other Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI), Mono Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOI) or medication. Do not participate in traffic after use. Not suitable for minors, store in a cool and dry place.

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46 Comentários

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MagischePflanzen 2015-09-09

It tastes quite nice, kind of like chamomile tea.
The effects of 1,3g are not that intense, but they're definitely noticeable and quite nice!

You feel relaxed, slightly euphoric and kind of stimulated.
I also really like the design of the package! =)

Billie 2015-07-29

Good product, nice effects... Can it be used in a vaporizer ?

Peut-on l'utiliser en vaporisation ?

[ Azarius: No, we don't recommend vaporizing any of the SLICE products]

Ulrika 2015-03-23

I like this slice. I didn't have to high expectations when I prepered a tea out of it but almost immediately, after a few sips I started to feel relaxed and a mild euphoria took place. I have only tried out two of the slice since they are the only…

I like this slice. I didn't have to high expectations when I prepered a tea out of it but almost immediately, after a few sips I started to feel relaxed and a mild euphoria took place. I have only tried out two of the slice since they are the only two that can be shipped to my country,unfortunately, but this is definately the one I prefer. It was very mild, but left a pleasant feeling that stayed for 1-2 hours. And I enjoyed the taste of it.

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