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Who hasn’t erupted with laughter after getting high with the Volcano? Prepare yourself for even better highs with the Volcano Hybrid Easy Valve.
1 piece - 717,26 US$622,51 US$
O Arizer Extreme Q é uma versão melhorada do vaporizador Arizer Extreme, do Canadá. Um novo modelo, gasta menos energia e a ventoinha é muito mais silenciosa.
1 peça - 202,70 US$166,72 US$
Um vaporizador canadiano de alta qualidade! A Arizer prestou atenção a cada detalhe para te oferecer anos de vaporização segura.
1 peça - 154,73 US$113,95 US$

Get ready to work on your vape technique because the Boundless CFV uses full convection heating. The result? Even smoother vapour with great taste.

The Boundless CFX Vaporizer is making leaps and bounds in vape technology. With a fully isolated air path, complete temperature control and a 20 second heat up time this is…
1 piece - 178,72 US$130,74 US$
The FlowerMate Mini is the pocket friendly version of the FlowerMate V5.0S Pro, combining outstanding performance with a fully customizable temperature setting. Suitable for herbs, waxes and oils.
The Mighty portable vaporizer by Storz & Bickel (Volcano) features dual lithium-ion batteries and gives you complete control over the vaporisation temperature.
1 piece - 417,40 US$334,64 US$

The PAX 2 is the ultimate handheld vaporizer for dry herbs. The stunningly beautiful design and unmatched user-friendliness make this one of the most iconic vaporizers of our time.

The Storm pen-style vaporizer is among the very best bang-for-your buck vaporizers that you can find. The Storm effortlessly vapes herbs, resins and oils, and offers five pre-set temperature settings.
1 peça - 106,75 US$89,96 US$
O Volcano; o Santo Graal entre todos os vaporizadores. Após três minutos de aquecimento, produz as nuvens de vapor grossas, limpas e deliciosas que dão a este dispositivo o seu…
1 peça - 477,38 US$370,63 US$
Meet the AirVape X - the new, improved incarnation of the thin, yet powerful AirVape Xs vaporizer. Where the AirVape Xs is a Charmander, the new AirVape X is definitely…
The AirVape Xs GO is a surprisingly light vaporizer that can get you high in no-time, wherever you are.
1 peça - 70,77 US$65,97 US$
Vaping poolside, so relaxing, yet so risky. This shell protects your beloved AirVape Xs against diving maniacs and sudden rainstorms.
1 peça - 23,39 US$11,39 US$

Don't call it a comeback! One of the best-loved vaporizers of all time returns, stronger, smarter and faster.

Make your Arizer Extreme Q experience extra super fancy with this wooden hose adapter by Ed's TNT.
18 mm - 58,77 US$41,14 US$
Includes tubing with glass adapter (with screens) attached. For connecting to balloons. Only for the Arizer Extreme.
1 peça - 11,39 US$5,70 US$

Produto fora de stock.

Food / medical grade tubing. Tubing only, does not include any glass attachments.

The AromaTop turns your AroMed into an aroma lamp.
1 peça - 22,19 US$16,65 US$
The check valve is a no-return valve, to protect the heating element. Recommended for inexperienced patients.
1 peça - 11,99 US$9,00 US$
Necessary to fasten the AroMed water bowl.
1 peça - 7,20 US$5,40 US$
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