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O Arizer Extreme Q é uma versão melhorada do vaporizador Arizer Extreme, do Canadá. Um novo modelo, gasta menos energia e a ventoinha é muito mais silenciosa.
1 peça - 192,80 US$147,17 US$

Produto fora de stock.

Um vaporizador canadiano de alta qualidade! A Arizer prestou atenção a cada detalhe para te oferecer anos de vaporização segura.
1 peça - 147,17 US$112,94 US$
The Boundless CFX Vaporizer is making leaps and bounds in vape technology. With a fully isolated air path, complete temperature control and a 20 second heat up time this is…
1 piece - 169,98 US$147,17 US$

Even classics need an update once in awhile. The Crafty basically remains the same but now features 20% better battery capacity. So get ready for record breaking vape sessions!

new model - 339,97 US$256,69 US$
The Mighty portable vaporizer by Storz & Bickel (Volcano) features dual lithium-ion batteries and gives you complete control over the vaporisation temperature.
1 piece - 397,01 US$336,54 US$
O Plenty é um eficiente vaporizador de mão, produzido pelos mesmos fabricantes que o Volcano. Apesar de parecer uma ferramenta elétrica, é surpreendentemente leve e silencioso.
1 piece - 282,93 US$227,02 US$
O Volcano; o Santo Graal entre todos os vaporizadores. Após três minutos de aquecimento, produz as nuvens de vapor grossas, limpas e deliciosas que dão a este dispositivo o seu…
1 peça - 454,05 US$375,33 US$
Vaping poolside, so relaxing, yet so risky. This shell protects your beloved AirVape Xs against diving maniacs and sudden rainstorms.
1 peça - 22,25 US$10,84 US$
The Arizer Go (ArGo) is Arizer's newest dry herb vape. This vaporizer offers the same performance, durability and all features you love about the Arizer vapes, packed in a tiny,…
1 peça - 215,62 US$198,50 US$

Produto fora de stock.

The Arizer Air Belt-Clip Carry Case holds your Arizer Air and two spare parts. Keeping your Arizer Air handy at all times for a sneaky puff or two!
1 pieza - 13,12 US$6,84 US$

Don't call it a comeback! One of the best-loved vaporizers of all time returns, stronger, smarter and faster.

Whether you like to share your Arizer Air with others or just chew on it by yourself; an extra mouthpiece tip always comes in handy.
1 peça - 2,85 US$1,71 US$

Connect your Arizer Air or Solo to a water pipe for extra tasty vapours.

One of the biggest selling vaporizers ever gets a long-awaited sequel which packs a number of interesting improvements.
Um recarregador de 12 V para uso no carro.
1 peça - 27,95 US$16,54 US$
The custom made straight water tool adapter lets you hook up your Ascent vaporizer to any bong with a 14 mm or 18 mm fitting, for a much cooler and…
This U-shaped water tool adapter was specifically built for the Ascent vaporizer. The uniquely shaped 100% glass piece allows for the hands free use of loose leaf or oils.
The Boundless CF vaporizer is a fast and powerful piece of machinery. It is equipped with a powerful (80w) heating element, with a heat up time of less than 20…
1 peça - 130,62 US$101,53 US$
Loved the super handy Boundless CFC? Then you'll adore the new and improved CFC 2.0. Sometimes things just get better.
1 peça - 101,53 US$85,56 US$
The Boundless CFV chamber removal tool is used to switch between the different CFV heat retention rings.
1 peça - 10,84 US$6,27 US$
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