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O Arizer Extreme Q é uma versão melhorada do vaporizador Arizer Extreme, do Canadá. Um novo modelo, gasta menos energia e a ventoinha é muito mais silenciosa.
1 peça - 193,98 US$148,07 US$
The Boundless CF vaporizer is a fast and powerful piece of machinery. It is equipped with a powerful (80w) heating element, with a heat up time of less than 20…
1 peça - 131,43 US$102,16 US$
The high-quality CBD oil by CBDirective is now available in practical and tasteless gel caps. CBD supplementation made easy.

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Check out these ruby coloured beauties! CBDirective adds a dose of turmeric to your favourite CBD caps creating one amazing multipurpose supplement.

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Cerified 3% CBD oil extract diluted in hemp oil from Sensi Seeds. With the dropper it's easy to use, making a CBD dose available whenever and wherever you need it.

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What's better than a vaporizer with one chamber? That's right: a vaporizer with four chambers! Oh, and did we mention the Haze Square offers on-demand convection vapour?
Pro - 182,51 US$90,68 US$
The new Azarius T-shirt is a special collaboration with Amsterdam Street Art artist Sjem Bakkus who is on the same cosmic wavelength as us. Get ready for the psychedelic renaissance!
M - 28,64 US$11,48 US$

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Azarius fashion is back at it! We proudly present our second collaboration with Amsterdam Street Art for the High Inspired Collection: the Mossy Giant t-shirt in white. The playful peyote…
Seeds to grow your very own Hops plant. Hops are most commonly known as the main ingredient in most people's favourite drink, beer.
0.25 g - 5,17 US$4,29 US$
Get a direct Kanna hit with the purest e-liquid on the market.

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Have a tasty cup of tea that will have you energized for the rest of the day. It's the amazing kratom Ceylon tea by JetpackKratom.

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Isn't kratom exactly your cup of tea? Well, maybe it is, after all, thanks to JetpackKratom's tasty Chai blend.

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Only available in German. Lucy's Rausch: Gesellschaftsmagazin für Psychoaktive Kultur, Edition #4.
112 pp - 16,99 US$13,59 US$
Alucinogénio suave, funciona como afrodisíaco, tem um efeito estimulante e aumenta a potência.

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Measure out grains of sand. Get the last scoop of milk from your cereal. Put little things in little places, with this teeny tiny spoon.
1 peça - 45,34 US$33,29 US$
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