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The Boundless CFX Vaporizer is making leaps and bounds in vape technology. With a fully isolated air path, complete temperature control and a 20 second heat up time this is…
1 piece - 172,41 US$149,27 US$

Even classics need an update once in awhile. The Crafty basically remains the same but now features 20% better battery capacity. So get ready for record breaking vape sessions!

new model - 344,82 US$276,55 US$
Let your mind shine like a new found treasure with Gold Rush. Your little helper for wild nights.

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The Mighty portable vaporizer by Storz & Bickel (Volcano) features dual lithium-ion batteries and gives you complete control over the vaporisation temperature.
1 piece - 402,67 US$345,97 US$
The youngest brother in the Boundless family, like most younger brothers the most trendy and futuristic looking of the bunch.
1 peça - 73,48 US$56,70 US$

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CBCrystals by CBDirective is a pure CBD extract independently tested at a sky-rocketing 99.6% Enjoy the soothing effects of CBD in a new way,

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Cerified 3% CBD oil extract diluted in hemp oil from Sensi Seeds. With the dropper it's easy to use, making a CBD dose available whenever and wherever you need it.

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A Aspalathus linearis é uma planta da família das leguminosas e usa-se para preparar uma tisana comummente chamada de "chá vermelho da África do Sul". 100% orgânico!
80 g - 4,57 US$2,89 US$

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Raise your IQ to the level of Leonardo da Vinci with this innovative vaporizer. Truly a smart choice.
With a heat up time of a dazzling 30 seconds, a super sleek design and a user-friendly operating system, the G Pen Pro takes vaporizing as seriously as you do.
1 peça - 114,55 US$91,41 US$
Azarius takes the fashion world by storm with the black magic mushroom T-Shirt specially designed by street artist Sjem Bakkus in collaboration with Amsterdam Street Art.
M - 28,87 US$11,57 US$
The new Azarius T-shirt is a special collaboration with Amsterdam Street Art artist Sjem Bakkus who is on the same cosmic wavelength as us. Get ready for the psychedelic renaissance!
M - 28,87 US$11,57 US$
Azarius fashion is back at it! We proudly present our second collaboration with Amsterdam Street Art for the High Inspired Collection: the Mossy Giant t-shirt in white. The playful peyote…
Get a direct Kanna hit with the purest e-liquid on the market.

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Psilocybin is a wonderful molecule which opens the mind to the beauty of the universe. Always carry this insight with you as a keychain in the form of its chemical…
1 piece - 11,46 US$9,16 US$
Kratom, such a wonderful and versatile herb. With the Exosphere 60 mg extract capsules, you get a measured dose without having to bother about the taste.

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Lapacho tea has been used for over 1,000 years by the South American healers the Kallawaya.
80g - 5,73 US$
Only available in German. Lucy's Rausch: Gesellschaftsmagazin für Psychoaktive Kultur, Edition #4.
112 pp - 17,13 US$15,41 US$
Tripa sem impulsos exteriores. O visionário e artista psicadélico Alex Grey inventou o Mindfold. Uma máscara que te permite abrir os olhos (e ver na escuridão total), para usares em…
1 peça - 19,09 US$15,27 US$

Don’t we all want a balanced life? The mild-tasting Mucuna puriens extract helps to do just that by restoring the equilibrium of your bodily energy.

5 gram - 7,52 US$6,24 US$

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