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Cool, durable and silent. It’s the incredibly stylish plasma lighter by Novi. Get ready to use those plasma rays and burn some stuff. Any stuff.
negro - 58,77 US$38,20 US$

Produto fora de stock.

Turn your bong or rig into a machine for cannabis concentrates and oils with these durable quartz glass bangers. Open your mind to the ultimate high!
female 18.8 mm - 22,19 US$15,53 US$
The Cheech & Chong glass nail performs a beautiful balancing act which eventually will lead oily concentrates towards your lungs.
1 peça - 13,79 US$9,66 US$
Livrinhos de 40 filtros. As capas contêm vários designs e slogans, incluindo a máscara do Guy Fawkes que se tornou famosa no filme V for Vendetta.
1 peça - 1,20 US$
Striking yellow acryl grinder for heads that want to keep things simple.
1 peça - 3,54 US$1,78 US$
Replacement filter for the Honey Bee Extractor.
10 peças - 3,00 US$1,50 US$
Flamez humidifying stone to keep your tobacco moist. Allow the tobacco stone to absorb a few drops of water and place it in your tobacco (or smoking mix) pouch, to…
1 piece - 1,80 US$0,90 US$

Replacement gaskets to shock-proof your Classic JyARz.

1 peça - 7,80 US$3,90 US$
These filter tips are the perfect choice for tobacco smokers who cherish their lungs.
1 peça - 1,50 US$0,74 US$

Produto fora de stock.

A edição preta das mortalhas da The Bulldog.
1 pacote - 1,20 US$
Very small silicone pipe by PieceMaker in rasta colours.
1 peça - 7,80 US$3,90 US$
Who doesn't want to leave their mark? We're all imprinting each other anyway! 
Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often, so if you feel addressed by this little comment we strongly advise that you help yourself to a little shock…
Surprise - 3,00 US$1,50 US$
Stainless steel replacement screens in packages of five pieces. Available in different sizes.
In 1908 a large meteoroid struck Siberia, the largest impact on the Earth in recorded history. Officially no meteor fragments were recovered. Unofficially we can tell you this Extraterrestrial Spike…
1 peça - 41,38 US$20,69 US$
Broken your frit while doing extractions? We've all been there. This replacement kit for the EHLE-x-Trakt takes care of any deterioration.
1 peça - 14,99 US$7,50 US$
With all this smoking comes all this stuff. Taking smoking paraphernalia, pipes, herbs and/or vaping accessoires with you can be a hassle. This sturdy and long-lasting Removable Pod by Ryot…
1 peça - 5,40 US$2,70 US$
How to safely transport your vaporizer with some recreational herbs and not alert everybody to your presence? Ryot offers all the protection you need.
beige - 20,99 US$13,65 US$
So you want a grinder that's totally next level? Try this monster that's rightfully called "Shredder".

Produto fora de stock.

Tiny, but absolutely vigorous - this 4-piece mini grinder will eat your herbs alive!
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