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Cool, durable and silent. It’s the incredibly stylish plasma lighter by Novi. Get ready to use those plasma rays and burn some stuff. Any stuff.
Turn your bong or rig into a machine for cannabis concentrates and oils with these durable quartz glass bangers. Open your mind to the ultimate high!
Um porta-chaves de ferro em forma de cogumelo que podes transformar num cachimbo para fumos!
Estas pilhas parecem mesmo verdadeiras, mas podem desatarraxar-se facilmente, para que possas guardar e transportar nelas as tuas ervas. Em 2 tamanhos: normal e grande.
Are the screens and O-rings of your Cali Crusher Pocket all stressed? No need to buy a new grinder if you can simply replace them.
1 peça - 16,48 US$11,54 US$
Are the screens and O-rings of your Cali Crusher Standard all stressed? No need to buy a new grinder if you can simply replace them.
1 peça - 16,48 US$11,54 US$
Traditional conical ceramic chillum, just like the Hindu monks used. To(o) chill or not to(o) chill? You decide. Chillum stone included, length: 21 cm.
1 piece - 5,68 US$2,84 US$
The Cheech & Chong glass nail performs a beautiful balancing act which eventually will lead oily concentrates towards your lungs.
1 peça - 13,07 US$9,15 US$
Um cinzeiro leve, feito de lata, com o logotipo da The Bulldog.
1 peça - 1,70 US$0,85 US$
Flamez regular filter tips are a little stronger than average with 170 gram paper, perfect for every day use.
1 peça - 0,57 US$
Feel the peace lovin' Jamaican vibe with these filter tips by Flamez featuring the colours green, yellow and red. The tips are made from 160 gram paper and measure 60…
1 peça - 0,57 US$
With a size of 40 x 20 mm these mini filter tips are perfect to roll in one move. 140 grams paper, 50 leaves per booklet.
1 peça - 0,45 US$
Everybody hates butts on the street. These Bio Organic filter tips by Greengo are biodegradable, so become a conscious smoker!
1 peça - 1,14 US$
Think of the environment while smoking with these biodegradable slim filter tips made of organic paper.
1 peça - 1,70 US$0,85 US$
Livrinhos de 40 filtros. As capas contêm vários designs e slogans, incluindo a máscara do Guy Fawkes que se tornou famosa no filme V for Vendetta.
1 peça - 1,14 US$
Think you're a wiseguy? This pipe sure would make it evident. Come on, no one could look like anything but a gangster with this accessory.
1 peça - 25,57 US$12,79 US$
A vintage style hardwood pipe named after hitman 'Bugsy' Siegel, with embossed pattern around the bowl. Note: only befits people as handsome and charismatic as Bugsy.
1 peça - 25,57 US$12,79 US$
Did the famous boss of the most powerful crime family actually smoke from this very pipe? Perhaps not, but this genuine hardwood pipe nevertheless suits goodfellas, wise guys and godfathers…
1 peça - 25,57 US$12,79 US$
Italian mobster Charles Luciano may not have smoked from this exact pipe, but we're sure he would have, if given the choice. The perfect pipe to sit back, smoke tobacco…
1 peça - 25,57 US$12,79 US$
Retro hardwood tobacco pipe to enjoy a smoke like a sir. This Goodfellas pipe is named after the real-life mobster John Gotti, also known as ‘Teflon Don’, a member of…
1 peça - 25,57 US$12,79 US$
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