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Even classics need an update once in awhile. The Crafty basically remains the same but now features 20% better battery capacity. So get ready for record breaking vape sessions!

2017 new model - 377,57 US$353,49 US$
A brand spankin' new Firefly top cover with quartz crystal window. Replace a damaged top cover or buy an extra one to swap to a different colour when the mood…
Red - 38,01 US$22,81 US$
Your science project will never be the same. With the mighty FlowerMate iHit you will demonstrate how to get high as is humanly possible. A+ guaranteed.
1 peça - 378,83 US$252,13 US$

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The LA Cheese is an amazing plant with a multi award winning combination of 2 outstanding varieties the original cheese from the UK and the LA Confidential.

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Only available in German. Lucy's Rausch: Gesellschaftsmagazin für Psychoaktive Kultur, Edition #4.
112 pp - 18,75 US$16,88 US$
Pack your Magic-Flight portable vaporizer into this airtight and rock solid custom case, with extra compartments for your accessories or stash.
The Mighty portable vaporizer by Storz & Bickel (Volcano) features dual lithium-ion batteries and gives you complete control over the vaporisation temperature.
1 piece - 440,92 US$378,83 US$
Replacement raised mouthpieces for the PAX 2 and PAX 3 vaporizer.
With the flavour of the Martian Mean Green and the yields of the Shrom, Sleestack is the perfect mix of two legendary strains. Sleestack has high resin content that will…

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The Sour Diesel is a good yielding, stretchy strain that produces light green, frosty, sour flowers that have a pinkish colour when finishing.

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Pack your pen vaporizer into this sturdy, vacuum sealed kaddie, with extra compartments for your accessories or stash.
1 piece - 37,38 US$22,43 US$
O Volcano Digit conta com um sistema digital de controlo da temperatura. A unidade base aquece até uma temperatura exata, com uma precisão de cerca de 1.5°C, e desliga automaticamente…
conjunto completo - 606,89 US$556,21 US$
O Volcano; o Santo Graal entre todos os vaporizadores. Após três minutos de aquecimento, produz as nuvens de vapor grossas, limpas e deliciosas que dão a este dispositivo o seu…
1 peça - 480,19 US$429,51 US$
Leonotis leonurus, or wild dagga, is good for inducing a deep meditative sleep, calming, relaxing and enhancing dreaming. It can also induce slight euphoria.

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