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How come the garden smells of fresh baked cookies? It's the incredibly fastgrowing automatic version of Royal Cookies. Tasty!

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A powerful strain that combines the speed of an autoflower with the deep calm of the original Gorilla strain. To recap: you will be super stoned in no time.

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Always have your vaporizer collection in a safe place with this extremely versatile RYOT Safe Case. Smell proof, customizable and it can even take on the weather without any problem
1 peça - 80,99 US$
Serious Seeds gets serious about OG Kush improving it to great head nodder. Get some snacks, fire up the console and lock the door. You're not going anywhere after a…

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Extra 18650 battery for your Storm Spirit vaporizer.
1 peça - 15,85 US$
Set of three concentrate pads for the Storm Spirit.
1 peça - 7,63 US$
A replacement mouthpiece for the Storm Spirit.
1 peça - 19,37 US$
A replacement mouthpiece gasket for the Storm Spirit vaporizer.
1 peça - 1,76 US$
Start huffing and puffing on resins with your Storm Spirit thanks to this resin capsule.
1 peça - 6,46 US$
Set of four screens to keep your Storm Spirit in top shape.
1 peça - 4,11 US$
The Serious Seeds collab with German rapper King Keill results is a tasty variant of AK-47. Ja, das ist Geil!

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Spare battery for the TopBond Novae/Novae 2 vaporizer. Keep those green fumes going and going.
1 peça - 11,15 US$
Spare metal mouthpiece part for both the Novae and Novae 2 vaporizers.
1 peça - 8,80 US$
Add a spinning wooden mouthpiece and condenser to any DynaVap body midsection and personalize the look of your favourite VapCap.
Combine your favourited coloured VapCap stem with this XL condenser kit which also adds a handy spinning mouthpiece.
Need some help with filling your vaporizer like a pro? The Scoop-N-Tamp tool lets you scoop your weed safely into the chamber, followed by a good push (if needed).
1 peça - 27,58 US$
If you don't use your Volcano vaporizer 24/7 it may be in need of some protection against dust. This vinyl cap keeps your dream machine super clean.
1 peça - 7,63 US$
This simple but powerful mod box will give you a host of possibilities when it comes to building a personalized vaping experience.
1 peça - 80,99 US$
Loved the XMAX Starry? Then you’ll absolutely dig the XMAX Starry 3.0! The 3.0 keeps the basic look & feel and introduces some sharp improvements.
Starry 3.0 - 116,21 US$
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