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Boom! Creamy citrus kush monster smoke now available as autoflower. Nicole Cream Auto by Seedstockers makes life so simple.

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A mouthwatering name which promises a colourful plant with an exciting taste explosion of orange candy. One for a deep summery chill on the porch.

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Pretty in Pink: the cannabis edition. Pink Kush (Barney's Farm) is a beautiful OG Kush variant that tastes like vanilla. So don't be surprised if you suddenly crave a vanilla…

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Nice handcrafted pipe made of rosewood. Long but not too extravagant. Hash heads know the score.
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The Plenty vaporizer will get you high in no time. With this wooden stand, you can place it in an upright position, ready for duty!
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Mapacho, also called wild tobacco, is the main ingredient of all rapé blends. This rapé consists of pure mapacho, ready to be sniffed or blended to taste.

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Red Mandarine Fast is a beautiful plant full of red-hued fruits. But you know the deal, these contain no vitamin C but plenty of THC. Tasty!

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Super sharp and extremely durable. You'll be grinding mountains of weed with this 3-part Santa Cruz Shredder.
The Storm Sapphire is something of a hidden gem. But don't let this portable vaporizer pass you by, it can do basically anything.
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Aching for summertime? Get in the mood with this fruity smoke with a THC bite. The sparkling Strawberry Lemonade by Barney's Farm. Fresh!

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The Iceman Cometh, with some complex tasting high THC product: Sweet Gelato Auto.

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Are you into CBD? Then it's easy to grow your own CBD-rich strain with this tasty autoflower by Sweet Seeds.

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Thin Mint Crack sounds like a pretty intense cookie and she does indeed produce a fierce high. A very complete and easy to grow plant.

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A big hitting autoflower, Thin Mint Crack autoflower delivers the goods. Easy to grow, easy to enjoy with some classic creative "pinball" highs.

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Why do they make these mouthpieces from glass? Because they taste great and in case of breakage you can easily use a replacement.
1 peça - 11,06 US$
The Odin 2 has a great mouthpiece. Keep the taste super fresh with these extra mouthpiece screens.
1 peça - 2,91 US$
Extra 18650 battery for use in the TopBond Torch 2 vaporizer.
1 peça - 8,74 US$
Glass, you know it can break. If this happens to the glass mouthpiece of your TopBond Torch 2 you can get a replacement for that cool taste of ganja.
1 peça - 8,74 US$
The Torch 2 is a timely return of every Sith lord's favourite vaporizer. Because even a lightsaber needs an update from time to time.
1 peça - 80,37 US$
The beginning of a new era for VapCap users. The DynaCoil makes vaping concentrates effortless with all DynaVap models.
1 peça - 29,12 US$

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