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Additional atomizer for the Linx Ember extract vaporizer.
1 piece - 19,84 US$
Ready for another dose of cannabis extract but no battery life? Always keep an extra battery with you for the Linx Ember.
1 piece - 24,37 US$
Unlock the special power of cannabis oils and e-liquids with the Linx Hermes 3. Simple, small and very effective.
1 piece - 39,11 US$
Spare empty atomizer for use with the Linx Hermes 3. Available in two sizes.
High wizards love their glass Gandalf pipe and this smokey glass version by Red Eye possesses some considerable magic power.
Smoke - 22,11 US$

Produto fora de stock.

Collection of colourful glass ball caps with a tether to secure it to your Puffco Peak. Choose your favourite and stir every drop of concentrate towards your lungs.
Give your Puffco Peak experience some extra colour with one of these amazing glass pieces.
You spin me round like a HydraVonG XLS. A beautiful interpretation of the HydraVong with a wooden mouthpiece. Can be used in combination with bongs for extra smooth highs.
Everybody loves the VapCap 'M'. Now available in three stunning colourways. Get your favourite while you can!
The OmniVonG Hydra XL is the premium model of the excellent Hydra line by DynaVap. Total airflow control for the lover of flame powered vaping.
A small innovation with great effects: the low temperature cap for the VapCap presents a whole new experience creating even more flavour.
1 piece - 34,01 US$
It pays to replace the air filter of your Volcano Hybrid from time to time. If something happens to the air filter cap there's no need to despair. Here's a…
1 piece - 3,40 US$
Extra filling chamber housing for use with the Volcano Hybrid.
1 piece - 9,64 US$
Getting high on your own? No need to completely fill that Volcano Hybrid bowl thanks to this handy filling chamber reducer.
1 piece - 13,32 US$
Normal set of small screens for the Volcano Hybrid.
1 piece - 4,82 US$
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