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Turn your Fenix 2.0 into a conduction vaporizer by inserting this special titanium heating chamber.
1 peça - 8,22 US$
Effortlessly remove the heating chamber from your Fenix 2.0 with this clever tool.
1 peça - 5,87 US$
It’s got all the bases covered without breaking the bank. FlowerMate does it again with the Slick vaporizer.
1 peça - 92,73 US$
Expand the high of your G Pen Elite with a nice bong and this water pipe adapter.
1 peça - 17,02 US$
Why does the ice cream man have red eyes? Because he has been tasting his own product, the mighty green ice cream: Green Gelato.

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Why do think The Hulk is really green? That's from toking the good stuff, like this powerhouse by Royal Queen Seeds.

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15-gram box of cannabis incense from Satya. Turn your room into a real stoner cave.
1 peça - 1,76 US$
Este Mel da Felicidade é uma relaxante mistura de Mel, Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) e Valeriana. Adicionado a uma bebida quente, provoca uma doce sensação de bem-estar além de dar um…

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A reliable torch lighter, the flame vaporizer aficionado can't live without one. This easy to use one also lights up joints.
1 peça - 11,15 US$
Prepare to get crazy high using your trusty O.penVAPE pen vaporizer. With this attachment, you can enter the wonderful world of dabbing.
1 peça - 22,89 US$
Spare rapid charger for the O.penVAPE 2.0 battery. Carry one wherever you go.
1 peça - 11,15 US$
Original PAX 3 vaporizer refurbished by Azarius.
Get your best hash out! We're going to get stoned in a classic way with this stylish carved rosewood pipe.
1 piece - 13,50 US$
Your quest for pure convection vaping has just ended: here's the RastaBuddhaTao Splinter!

Produto fora de stock.

Enhance the RBT Splinter experience with some extra cool vapor by using this most excellent cooling mouthpiece.
1 peça - 28,76 US$
With the glass elbow adapter, you can connect the RBT Splinter to a tube and create an extra comfortable vape experience.
1 peça - 9,98 US$
Two extra top hat screens for the RastaBuddhaTao Splinter. Keep your weed tasting fresh after intense use.
1 peça - 7,63 US$
Enter next level vaping with your RastaBuddhaTao Splinter, your bong and this glass water pipe adapter.
Add some extra wood to your RastaBuddhaTao Splinter setup by using the handcrafted maple stem by Ed's TNT. That's some flavour!
maple - 45,78 US$
Gift your higher elf with this glass pipe of high weirdness.
1 peça - 33,45 US$
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