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A escolha predilecta dos amantes da índica que valorizam plantas robustas, floração rápida e vigorosa e botões enormes e densos!
Release your inner vape-ninja with this tiny, super stealthy concentrate vaporizer.

Radically expand the AirVape Xs vape radius with this card-sized power bank. Your AirVape Xs will keep producing clouds on the longest trips, during blackouts and other adventures.

Coming soon: the Boundless Tera!

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This is a cutting of the Cactus macrogonus, a rare member of the San Pedro family, which you can put in the earth to grow.
Estas sementes são uma mistura de California Orange Bud de influência sativa e de um cultivo especial de planta de haxixe afegã.

Vaporize your CBD the tastiest way possible with this e-liquid, based on terpenes of the ultra-fruity Mango Kush strain.

Vaping CBD moves into new territory with the Harmony e-liquids. Get ready for that comfy O.G. Kush taste.

Vape your dose of CBD with this amazing Super Lemon Haze e-liquid. Prepare for a pure flavour explosion of fresh lemons, lemon tarts and just freaking great cannabis!

Even classics need an update once in awhile. The Crafty basically remains the same but now features 20% better battery capacity. So get ready for record breaking vape sessions!
Can't remember where you left the battery for your Dr Dabber Aurora? No need to buy a completely new unit, just get this replacement.
No more horror scenario's in which your e-cigarette battery runs empty when you need it most. The Emili Mini e-cigarette automatically charges in your pocket!
If you feel protective over your precious Firefly 2, this sturdy leather case is the way to go!
So you want to switch to vaping, but you just can’t part from your precious bong? Why not combine the two? Sticky Brick's Flip Brick is a handy water tool…

The FlowerMate V5.0S Pro gets an upgrade. Performance remains excellent but with an added USB port you can now charge it anywhere, Also check out that new colour!

With a heat up time of a dazzling 30 seconds, a super sleek design and a user-friendly operating system, the G Pen Pro takes vaporizing as seriously as you do.
Some people wake up and make coffee with their percolator. Others wake and get absolutely baked with their percolator ice bong.
Glass percolator bong in the three favourite colours of any ganja enthusiast!
The innovative USB charger for your Grasshopper is totally unique. Hook it on that amazing pen vaporizer and charge away.
Robust metal grinder with very effective diamond teeth and an oily colour scheme that should be able to hypnotize you after a joint or two.

A Heavenly-E ajuda a desemaranhar, relaxar e libertar. A nova fórmula da Heavenly-E contém mitragina extraída de folhas de kratom.

Whether you want to vaporize dabs or herbs; this beautiful vaporizer will give you the best flavour and the clearest high possible.
Future winner of a number of prestigious design awards: the Herborizer Tube Ti/Enail. One good-looking vaporizer that produces the clearest high imaginable.
At first sight, this 'Log Lady approved' vaporizer might look like a simple piece of wood. However, once it reveals its secret to you, it can produce the most epic…
Using a water tool with your HydroBrick Maxx gives you delicious, soft vapour. However, sometimes you might just want to take a hit straight away.
Two spare ones of each O-ring needed for the HydroBrick Maxx. The perfect solution for spaceheads!
With this whip you can connect your HydroBrick Maxx to a water tool and let your Brick do what it does best: creating dense, delicious clouds of vapour for you.
O equilíbrio complexo entre as qualidades sativa e índica produz botões de estrutura requintada com uma densa camada de glândulas ricas em canabinóides.
The Torjet might look like a normal lighter, but appearances are deceptive. It produces an epic, windproof jet-flame.
Kama Kush CBD has a CBD/THC ratio of 2:1. This is about as CBD as it gets!
Who says cheese is only suitable for eating? With this Cheese and Afghan crossbreed you will now be able to smoke it.
This bullet might not have butterfly wings, but it does have a double, wind resistant torch flame and some cool extra functions.
Spark up your royal smokeables with this legendary Excalibur torch lighter. Three powerful flames and a cigar punch make this a perfect lighter for flame-powered vaporizers and cigars.
Light up your smokeables and launch yourself to the moon with the Vertigo Rocket torch lighter.
With the Vertigo Venom 2, you can set things on fire in style.
The Vertigo Stinger lighter produces four epic, wind resistant torch flames. You can also punch your cigar with it.
The mother of all vaporizers is here. With its metal casing, the Gaia by Linx feels really comfortable. The hybrid heating in combination with a glass mouthpiece produces vapours like…
Replacement atomizer for the Linx Hypnos Zero vaporizer.
Master Kush Automatic has all the features which set Afghan indicas apart from the rest. These cannabis seeds grow compact, potent, easily-cultivated plants which can grow almost anywhere.

Don’t we all want a balanced life? The mild-tasting Mucuna puriens extract helps to do just that by restoring the equilibrium of your bodily energy.

Managed to break the glass mouthpiece of your OG Brick? Don't worry!
Six extra O-rings for your OG Brick vaporizer.
Vaporizing concentrates with the OG Brick/HydroBrick Maxx is now possible with this converter.
De Peyote Decipiens is the rare, larger and allegedly stronger cousin of the 'divine cactus' Peyote Williamsii we all know and love.
With its rich amethyst colour and brilliant shine, Kannabia's Purple Kush will be the jewel of your garden.

Produto fora de stock.

No, you're not tripping (at least, not yet). You're just looking at a really trippy bong that also happens to have some very cool features, like an ice catcher and…

Is it a freezer container? Is it a lunchbox? No! But it could just as well have been, which is why this scale is so super clever. Apart from discreet,…

Mixing your e-liquids by weight is a great alternative to measuring with syringes. This scale (that is also perfect for anything else you'd use scales for) helps you do just…

This unique, limited Happy Caps edition is the ultimate formula for a soothing, psychotropic experience and deep, introspective conversations with friends.

Lube up your precious Sticky Brick vape for night-long sessions and luscious clouds of vapour. This butter keeps your Brick in the best possible condition.

The Sticky Brick lighted LED tweezers ensure perfect sight when replacing a screen or refilling your bowl.
What would make the Sticky Brick vaporizers even more perfect and complete? That's right, an option to vaporize concentrates. This banger allows you to do just that.
They may be ugly, but get the job done. Order your juicy cactus at an extra nice price. Recommended for immediate use.
Estas sementes feminizadas dão plantas Skunk resistentes e autoflorescentes com botões cobertos por cristais brancos.
Loved the XMAX Starry? Then you’ll absolutely dig the XMAX Starry V2! The V2 has several great new features: a stronger (2900 mAh battery), a cooler mouthpiece and a bigger…
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