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Ever had two batteries unused batteries die on you because they had discharged each other? Never more!

1 peça - 3,16 US$

The Arizer Go (ArGo) is Arizer's newest dry herb vape. This vaporizer offers the same performance, durability and all features you love about the Arizer vapes, packed in a tiny,…

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An autoflowering variety which is as good as the original photoperiod Orange Bud in potency, quality and aroma/taste.
This feel-good indica by Dutch Passion grows fast, tastes amazing and is the perfect fit for anyone who likes to turn their bud into hash or concentrates.
PAX users your life just became easier thanks to the clever BudKups. Prefill the BudKups capsule and start vaping away!

1 peça - 24,61 US$

CBChai by CBDirective is a CBD-rich herbal tea which produces a deep sense of relaxation in the easiest way imaginable.

8 x 3g - 15,78 US$

CBD Lemon Potion Auto is the result of a collaboration between Barney's Farm and CBD specialists CBD Crew.
The Cheech & Chong glass cut dome provides essential protection when dabbing your precious concentrates. They're made of glass, they fall, we have a replacement.

1 peça - 14,52 US$

The Cheech & Chong glass nail performs a beautiful balancing act which eventually will lead oily concentrates towards your lungs.

1 peça - 14,52 US$

These multi-deployable tapered silicone rubber plugs will fit male and female openings with a water-tight fit.
Loading just got a lot easier with this handy funnel for the Mighty and Crafty vaporizers.

1 peça - 14,52 US$

This water pipe adapter fits both the Mighty and Crafty and can be used with 14mm and 18mm female bubblers and waterpipes.

1 peça - 37,24 US$

Customize your own vaping sesh by switching coils with this coil adapter.

1 peça - 3,16 US$

The Dabox vaporizer comes with two types of coils. Should your Clapton coil get shot like the sheriff this will replace it.

1 peça - 5,68 US$

A replacement coil for the Dabox vaporizer.

1 peça - 5,68 US$

Protect your Dabox coils by using this glass dab tool to apply your extracts.

1 peça - 3,16 US$

The official red battery for your DaVinci IQ. Just keep on vaping and vaping.

- 14,52 US$

A sturdy brush available in various sizes to clean the Verdamper vaporizers.
Protect your precious glass Verdamper vaporizer parts with grease.

1 peça - 9,47 US$

A cork lid to be used on the Verdamper Reiziger.
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