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What's better than one new O-ring for your wooden Arizer Air II or Arizer Solo II stem? That's right, three new O-rings.
1 peça - 2,92 US$
Safely transport the (pre-loaded) stem for your Arizer vape in this super stoner proof travel tube.
Make your Arizer Extreme Q experience extra super fancy with this wooden hose adapter by Ed's TNT.
18 mm - 57,24 US$
Step aside, the legendary Cheese finally gets an automatic version. Cut it, smell it and smoke it! Taking weed to another level again.

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Boundless proudly presents its smallest family member yet: the CFC Lite. But beware, this stealthy vaporizer packs a punch!
1 peça - 80,61 US$
A tasty Darjeeling gets a CBD upgrade giving any teahead the best of both worlds.

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Loose leaf tea from CBDirective with a nice dose of CBD to tuck you in on a cold winter night.

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Mix of the best medical cannabis strains from Royal Queen Seeds.

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Extra transformator to power your favourite De Verdamper vaporizer with.
1 peça - 40,30 US$
Sometimes the simplest tools give the best result. You'll be amazed at what you can do with your flame powered vaporizer and a bunch of fibre.
1 peça - 2,92 US$

Produto fora de stock.

Do-Sweet-Dos sounds like something you can sing along to. Truth is you will hardly be able to whistle after you have tasted this deep relaxing beauty.

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Turn your Fenix 2.0 into a conduction vaporizer by inserting this special titanium heating chamber.
1 peça - 8,18 US$
The FlowerMate UNO is an all-round portable convection vaporizer that packs a punch and will last all through the day thanks to its special battery.
1 peça - 174,07 US$
A sticky ice cream, what will that taste like? Leave it to Barney's Farm to come up with an autoflower cannabis plant that tastes delicious and is easy to grow.

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Why does the ice cream man have red eyes? Because he has been tasting his own product, the mighty green ice cream: Green Gelato.

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Get high like royalty with this titanium system by Herborizer which fits all glass bongs. Delicate heat-up, amazing high.
Enhance the vaping experience by combining the Herborizer System XL with every glass bong you can imagine. Bigger bowl, bigger high. Science, baby!
Spare O-rings for the Herborizer Ti Stand. Yes, we have them!
1 peça - 4,38 US$
Gather your dub, stoner rock and techno records! Because HiFi 4G will warp your ears and open new dimensions to your favourite music. Thanks, Dutch Passion!

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Why do think The Hulk is really green? That's from toking the good stuff, like this powerhouse by Royal Queen Seeds.

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