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Sweet Pure Auto CBD (Sweet Seeds)

Sweet Pure Auto CBD (Sweet Seeds)

16237 Sweet Seeds

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6th generation autoflowering strain. The first “CBD pure” cannabis autoflowering strain by Sweet Seeds, with very low THC levels of under 1% (between 0.4-0.9%) and high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) of around 8-20%. The THC:CBD ratio stands between 1:15 and 1:23.

Sweet Pure Auto CBD (Sweet Seeds) characteristics

Specially designed to satisfy the needs of therapeutic cannabis users who prefer to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC.

Sweet Pure Auto CBD is the result of the hybridization and subsequent selection of CBD-rich and THC-poor specimens, between Sweet Pure CBD and the CBD-rich autoflowering strain Honey Peach Auto CBD.

The aromas of this strain are sweet and fruity with citrus tones and a touch of cypress.

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Número de sementes: 3, 5
Altura média: 65
Média de THC: 0.8%
Sabor / Aroma: sweet, fruity, citrus, cypress
Genética: Sweet Pure CBD x Honey Peach Auto CBD
Composição: 55% Indica / 44.6% Sativa / Ruderalis 0.4%
CBD: 14, 14%
Nível de THC: Low
Nível de CBD: High
Tipo de sementes: Autoflowering
Ambientes adequados: Indoor/Outdoor
Average indoor yield: 400
Seed bank: Sweet Seeds
Dificuldade de cultivo: Easy
Average outdoor yield: 100
Altura da planta: Small
Indica/Sativa: Indica dominant