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NL #5 x Haze (Sensi Seeds) feminized

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Opposites collide in perfect hybrid fusion! Feminized Northern Lights#5 x Haze balances the finest features of soaring tropical Sativa and voluptuous, earth-shaking Indica. Universally regarded as a high-point in cannabis breeding, many weed scholars consider her unsurpassed.

Her tendency to make a permanent impression on smokers and growers owes a great deal to the fact that her Sativa genes are fully and joyfully expressed, instead of being dominated by the power of her Afghani parent.

Expect significant height gain from feminized Northern Lights#5 x Haze. Indoor plants can be flowered with little or no vegetation period, which compensates for their extra time in blooming. Rooted clones and even seedlings can be flowered immediately and may go on to exceed 1m by harvest time. Gaps between internodes are quickly filled by long, running colas. At the mid-point of blooming main stem and branches are completely obscured by sticky, profusely hairy buds which then swell in every direction until the end of flowering. It’s quite common for Northern Lights#5 x Haze to produce terminal buds longer and thicker than a grower’s arm, even at indoor heights.

From seed, feminized Northern Lights#5 x Haze produces huge, bountiful, uniform all-female plants and is very easy to clone, producing crop after crop of strong cuttings. Her distinctly psychedelic Haze power is complemented by the yield and crystal of Northern Lights#5. Growers who treasure their Northern Lights#5 x Haze mother plants have been known to produce killer harvests for a decade or more with no loss of quality.

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Avaliação de cliente para "NL #5 x Haze (Sensi Seeds) feminized"



Dit is je moederplant. Dit is echt verfijnde haze met een redelijke bloeitijd voor scheuten aangezweld met toppen zo dik als 2L cola flessen.
Gezien de prijs is deze dame niet genegeerd en heb ik nog nooit zulke dames gezien.
Waanzin. Sensi is echt haar prijs waard, stelt me nooit teleur.



je tient a confirmer cette qualiter es cette productivité,
super herbe pour une culture en scrog,
bud hyper lourd es d odeure super agréable,

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Número de sementes: 3, 5
Ambientes adequados: Indoor/Outdoor
Tipo de sementes: Feminized
Indoor flowering time: 70
Outdoor harvest: Early November
Altura média: 100
Seed Bank: Sensi Seeds
Composição: Indica / Sativa hybrid
Genética: Northern Lights#5 x Haze