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Sensi Amnesia AUTO (Sensi Research)

Sensi Amnesia AUTO (Sensi Research)

19752 Sensi Seeds Research

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With Jamaican Pearl, Hawaiian Indica and Afghani #1 in its gene pool, it’s safe to say Sensi Amnesia Automatic is the offspring of a very international get-together. To continue on the subject of diversity, Sensi Amnesia Automatic is 50% sativa, 20% indica, and 30% ruderalis. For an automatic, the plants are moderately tall. They produce an earthy, fruity aroma.

Sensi Amnesia Automatic: Amnesia High, fruity taste

Staying true to the internationally famous Amnesia, Sensi Amnesia Automatic produces a typically sativa high - cerebral, conversational and uplifting. Since most Hawaiian varieties are more sativa-esque, Hawaiian Indica may seem like a rather unusual strain. However, the blend of exotic pineapple and tropical fruit flavours and that gentle indica relaxation is a Sensi Seeds exclusive, with the sativa still dominating. Because Sensi Amnesia Automatic is an automatic feminized strain, it’s easy to cultivate almost everywhere by almost everyone. Just prepare yourself for a relatively long flowering time of 70 to 84 days, resulting in surprisingly moderate heights: 120 cm for indoor growers, 210 cm for outdoor.

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Indica/Sativa: Sativa dominant
Número de sementes: 3, 5
Ambientes adequados: Indoor/Outdoor
Floração: Long
Indoor flowering time: 77
Dificuldade de cultivo: Easy
Altura da planta: Average
Tipo de sementes: Autoflowering
Tipo de cannabis: Amnesia
Altura média: 160
Seed bank: Sensi Seeds Research
Sabor / Aroma: fruity, earthy
Composição: 50% Sativa / 20% Indica / 30% Ruderalis
Efeito: cerebral, uplifting, conversational
Genética: Hawaiian Indica x Afghani x Jamaican Pearl