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Automaria II (Paradise Seeds) feminized
Automaria II (Paradise Seeds) feminized
Automaria II (Paradise Seeds) feminized

Automaria II (Paradise Seeds) feminized

8228 Paradise Seeds

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We have selected the most resinous plant of our Automaria nr. 1 to use as a father plant, crossed this with a very famous Sativa variety to breed a new generation. What we found in those seeds was amazing, so we continued one step further and selected the quickest most Sativa up-high plants to cross with themselves.

This resulted in a mostly Sativa autoflowering hybrid with some Indica traits to it. Automaria II gets you high as a kite. The buds are rich with fragrances and dewed with resin. These are responsible for a complete head-rush with a nice harmonic body relaxing effect. She grows highly vigorous to support the weight of spiral shaped flowers. The calyx to leaf ratio is excellent for quick manicuring. Indoors she can grow from up to 70 cm to 1 meter tall, outside even bigger.

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    • - dead seeds

    seeds never sprouted



    3 sur 3 germé et 3 sortie de terre =)
    croissance un peu lente mais faut dire que je l'ai avait pas mise dans des conditions optimales !
    elles font 15 cm pour 2 et la troisième fait environ 20-25 cm et elles sont rentré en flo dommage pour les 2 petites qui donneront pas grand chose !



    Alle 3 samen sind wunderbar gekeimt (1 tag)
    Waren nach 2 tagen 1cm aus der erde sie wachsen wirklich schnell!
    Kann ich nur empfehlen für den schnellen, unkomlizierten outdoor grow echt kinderleicht

    Viel spaß und eine gute ernte

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    Floração: Average
    Tipo de sementes: Autoflowering
    Outdoor harvest: Early August
    Genética: Santa Maria X Sativa X Ruderalis
    Efeito: Uplifting, euphoric high
    Composição: 30% Indica / 60% Sativa / 10% Ruderalis
    Seed bank: Paradise Seeds
    Seed Bank: Paradise Seeds
    Average outdoor yield: 75
    Altura média: 85
    Average indoor yield: 400
    Indica/Sativa: Sativa dominant
    Média de THC: 16.5
    Indoor flowering time: 60
    Dificuldade de cultivo: Easy
    Nível de THC: Medium
    Altura da planta: Small
    Tipo de cannabis: Haze
    Número de sementes: 3, 5
    Ambientes adequados: Indoor/Outdoor
    Sabor / Aroma: Fruity, floral