White Lemon (Strain Hunters) feminized

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The White Lemon is a very balanced cross, expressing the best qualities of both parents. The El Niño lineage is very clear in the leaf shape and the size and density of the buds. The Super Lemon Haze heritage is all in the branching, smell, taste, and in the shape of the calyx.

The White Lemon grows medium-short internodes, but keeps growing quite a bit after switching to 12/12 for flowering. The branches grow very strong and can support large colas. Medium nutrients levels will do great with this strain, which performs outstandingly in all mediums, indoors or outdoors. Cuttings from mother plants root very fast and easily, making this a great strain for propagation once the mothers are selected from seeds.

The buds are long, dense, with large calyx and long hairs. Already after 4-5 weeks of flowering the smell gets citrus-like, and skunky. It is not as hazy as the Super Lemon Haze, but it is extremely lemony. The effect onset is a bit of a creeper, taking time to peak and then staying up there for a long while. It is a complex, well balanced high and stoned feeling. Its medicinal use has not been fully evaluated yet.

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Ich habe sie mal gegrowed, 3 stück, hatte ein paar Probleme mit Mehltau also musste der grow abgekürzt werden, alles in allem war bei mir kein Phänotyp dabei der irgendwie Lemon mäßig gewesen wäre. Auch auf die hazy Seite gingen sie eher nicht, alles in allem war der Geschmack nicht das höchste der Gefühle. Aber die guten Seiten sind diese;
sie ist super ausbalanciert und wirkt sehr gut ohne Paranoia zu schüren oder aufzudrehen oder einem den Couch-look verschafft. Wächst gut und beständig und produziert gute Ernten.

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Indica/Sativa: Balanced
Composição: 50% Sativa, 50% Indica
Genética: El Niño x Super Lemon Haze
Efeito: Very high at first, it evolves into a stoned body feeling. 
Complex, strong.
Seed Bank: Strain Hunters (Green House Seeds)
Seed bank: Green House Strain Hunters
Indoor flowering time: 60
Altura da planta: Average
Average indoor yield: 900
Floração: Average
Tipo de cannabis: Haze
Average outdoor yield: 1000
Número de sementes: 3, 5
Tipo de sementes: Feminized
Ambientes adequados: Indoor/Outdoor
Sabor / Aroma: Lemony, very skunk, slightly hazy.