Critical + Auto CBD (Dinafem) feminized

Critical + Auto CBD (Dinafem) feminized

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Critical + Auto CBD is a CBD-rich version of one of Dinafem's most popular strains. All fans of the original skunky smell will be able to enjoy it freely while benefiting from the advantages of CBD: controlled psychoactive effects and a pleasant sensation of physical and psychological well-being caused by the anti-stress properties of this cannabinoid.

Critical + Autoflowering CBD is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a rather Sativa-like appearance: large internodal spacing, long branches and thin leaflets. The size and shape of her buds are more Indica, though, that is, more compact and numerous.

Critical + Autoflowering CBD lives up to her dynasty, always delivering numerous dense and resinous buds if grown under adequate growing conditions. Her buds tend to be really thick and compact, far more than what autoflowering strains generally produce.

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  • + Vlotte plant
  • - Te mild

Ik ben al een tijdje op zoek naar een plant met de (voor mij) juiste THC/CBD verhouding. Deze is geen blijvertje. Geen slechte opbrengst, maar voor mij echt wel te mild.
Ik ben echter wel grote fan van de andere soort van Dinafem met op papier exacte dezelfde THC/CBD verhouding: WHITE WIDOW AUTO CBD.
Die plant heeft het allemaal!

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Floração: Average
Seed bank: Dinafem
Genética: Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering + Auto CBD
Efeito: Gentle, relaxing high
Composição: 20% Sativa / 30% Indica / 50% Ruderalis (Auto)
Média de THC: 5
CBD: 10
Nível de THC: Low
Average outdoor yield: 115
Nível de CBD: High
Tipo de sementes: Autoflowering
Número de sementes: 3
Average indoor yield: 475
Altura média: 110
Altura da planta: Average
Dificuldade de cultivo: Easy
Tipo de cannabis: Skunk
Outdoor harvest: Early October
Indoor flowering time: 70
Indica/Sativa: Indica dominant
Ambientes adequados: Indoor/Outdoor
Sabor / Aroma: Sweet orange, citrus, skunk