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Super sharp and extremely durable. You'll be grinding mountains of weed with this 3-part Santa Cruz Shredder.

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The Vogue Spray presents a new take on the trusty Santa Cruz shredder. It only needs your homegrown for some smooth action.

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This huge, effective, razor-sharp grinder will satisfy the needs of any avid stoner.
So you want a grinder that's totally next level? Try this monster that's rightfully called "Shredder".
The efficient, durable Shredder truly is a lean, mean grinding machine!
In Santa Cruz, they know what to do with their bud. This practically unbreakable grinder with kief-catch will quickly, smoothly and efficiently grind your herb.
Small but fine - this tiny grinder does an amazing job when it comes to efficiently grinding your herbs!
Tiny, but absolutely vigorous - this 4-piece mini grinder will eat your herbs alive!
Pocket-sized biodegradable shredder made of 100% hemp by Santa Cruz and Cookies.

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