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Cuidados do corpo

O óleo de cânhamo é um dos produtos mais ricos da planta cannabis. É especialmente bom para a pele e cabelo! Temos vários produtos à base de óleo de cânhamo e outros ingredientes naturais.

Extravaganja é uma linha de produtos para o corpo, à base de cânhamo, que combina fórmulas óleo de cânhamo com óleos essenciais naturais e de vários extratos vegetais que nutrem o corpo. O principal ingrediente de todos os produtos Extravaganja é o cânhamo industrial, da variedade Sativa, prensado a frio. Não contém elementos psicoativos (THC) ou nocivos.


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Beautiful handmade soap infused with hemp oil combines fine aroma's with skin care. Staring at the trippy patterns may cause time to slow down.
Pour just a little bit of Extravaganja bath oil into your hot bath and enjoy long moments of delight. Contains ethereal oils of lavender, orange and skin nurturing vitamins.

300 ml - 20,18 US$

Body Butter regenerates the skin, leaving it soft and smooth to the touch. The butter is quickly absorbed and suitable for all types of skin.

200 ml - 20,47 US$

Moisturising body milk with the finest combination of hemp seed oil, Shea and cocoa butter. Suitable for everyday use, after showering, sun tanning or simply just because!

300 ml - 17,24 US$

Extravaganja body oil lifts feeling of tension while taking special care of your skin, increasing the natural resistance and improving areas of dry or sensitive skin.

200 ml - 13,78 US$

A bath in Cannabis, dreams do come true. Well pretty close with the Cannabis bath salt by Palacio.

900g - 5,48 US$

Cannabis milk for your skin, what will they think of next?

250ml - 4,90 US$

The Cannabis Face Cream by Palacio, contains cold pressed hempseed oil which supports the revitalization of the skin.

50ml - 5,71 US$

Cannabis Shampoo from Palacio is a nicely scented, shampoo enriched with high quality hempseed oil.

500ml - 5,19 US$

Using a blend of Cannabis Sativa seed oil and coconut oil, the Palacio Cannabis hand cream eases dry cracked skin.

125ml - 4,56 US$

Perfect for achy, tired muscles after a hard day of work.

600ml - 7,78 US$

The Cannabis Shower Gel from Palacio, leaves you feeling relaxed with soft, silky skin.

500ml - 5,19 US$

Slow down the ageing process of your skin with Extravaganja face cream. Suitable for all types of skin, usable day or night.

50 ml - 17,01 US$

Extravaganja hair shampoo is made with a natural hemp formula combined with mango extract that both strengthens your hair and adds a healthy shine.

400 ml - 12,11 US$

Be squeaky-clean thanks to your favourite product from Amsterdam. Just don't smoke it.

35 g - 4,56 US$

This lip cream with hemp seed oil and beeswax keeps your lips moist and kissable, come rain or shine.

15 ml - 4,90 US$

Um sabonete agradável feito de cânhamo. Uma boa ideia para oferta.

1 item - 5,71 US$

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