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Our 50 best gift suggestions. In a hurry to find a cool gift? This is the place for the best selection of gifts for your psychonaut family member, friend or lover.

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Grow your own magic mushrooms with the mushroom grow kit 'Ready-To-Grow'. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps. After about 3 weeks the first shrooms can…

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Pour just a little bit of Extravaganja bath oil into your hot bath and enjoy long moments of delight. Contains ethereal oils of lavender, orange and skin nurturing vitamins.
300 ml - 20,16 US$
The Boundless CFX Vaporizer is making leaps and bounds in vape technology. With a fully isolated air path, complete temperature control and a 20 second heat up time this is…
1 piece - 171,69 US$148,64 US$
The Buds Rolling Tray will hold all of your things and be the envy of your stoner friends. Win-win.
O cacto sagrado para cultivares dentro de casa. (Nota: não enviamos para fora da Europa)

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A bath in Cannabis, dreams do come true. Well pretty close with the Cannabis bath salt by Palacio.
900g - 5,47 US$

Produto fora de stock.

Esta planta psicadélica que contém DMT é um aditivo muito comum da poção de ayahuasca.

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Planta sul-americana usada para a preparação da poção de ayahuasca, devido à sua alta concentração de DMT.

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Get your galaxy of multi-coloured uppers, downers, screamers and laughers safely past the bouncer with this clever stash underwear.

Even classics need an update once in awhile. The Crafty basically remains the same but now features 20% better battery capacity. So get ready for record breaking vape sessions!

new model - 343,37 US$275,39 US$
Raise your IQ to the level of Leonardo da Vinci with this innovative vaporizer. Truly a smart choice.
The DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer looks familiar but this handy little fellow will definitely surprise your taste buds.

O Euphor-E (U4E) é uma nova mistura de ingredientes que te dará uma sensação especial e feliz. Festejarás toda a noite e mais com Euphor-E.

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Firefly 2 is the much anticipated successor of the vape classic. Handy, lighter, easier to use and featuring smart technical solutions. A next level vaporizer.

Produto fora de stock.

With a heat up time of a dazzling 30 seconds, a super sleek design and a user-friendly operating system, the G Pen Pro takes vaporizing as seriously as you do.
1 peça - 114,07 US$91,03 US$
The new Ghost MV1 is a portable vape that performs like a high-end desktop vaporizer. Prepare for some serious on-demand convection vapour!
Let your mind shine like a new found treasure with Gold Rush. Your little helper for wild nights.

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“I find your lack of faith in the power of ground weed disturbing.” So let Darth Vader be your guide to the green side of The Force.
1 peça - 10,95 US$
Beautiful handmade soap infused with hemp oil combines fine aroma's with skin care. Staring at the trippy patterns may cause time to slow down.

A Heavenly-E ajuda a desemaranhar, relaxar e libertar. A nova fórmula da Heavenly-E contém mitragina extraída de folhas de kratom.

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