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Presentes & engenhocas

Por vezes é muito difícil encontrar prendas para outras pessoas, mas a nossa pequena coleção de engenhocas giras e presentes originais está aqui para te ajudar. E também podes comprar algo para ti mesmo, claro. Afinal de contas, tu és o máximo !


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This guide features all coffeeshops in Amsterdam, listing more than 200 places and includes reviews.
Celebrate the day of the dead all year round with this Calavera style Mexican skull ashtray.
Your own custom made Azarius skateboard deck designed by Amsterdam tattoo artist Dick Jason Meijer. That’s how we roll!

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Don't leaf this one hanging...
Perhaps take this one down when your parents come to visit, you wouldn't want to get into truffle.
I hope you have mush-room on your wall... because this batik needs to be on it.

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I guess... it's simply time to face the mushroom!

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Beautiful batik throw-over with rasta lion; very easy on the i & i.
Beautiful batik throw-over with the Tree of Life. Great addition to create a cozy atmosphere in your room.
Psychedelic cloth handmade from India. Made of 100% cotton in spacious factories, without the use of child labour
The Buds Rolling Tray will hold all of your things and be the envy of your stoner friends. Win-win.
Toking isn't just fun - it's a way of life. Proudly wear these 'In Weed We Trust' socks with cannabis leaves as a sign that you're an upstanding member of…
A fun new game where all of out stoner specializations and interests are all-in-one. Warning: do not try to learn the rules of this game while stoned.
Get ready to open up your Chakras with the chakra hand rolling tray, perfect for rolling a joint before yoga class.

Get your galaxy of multi-coloured uppers, downers, screamers and laughers safely past the bouncer with this clever stash underwear.

O termo roach (filtro) é capaz de ter sido levado demasiado à letra neste caso. No entanto, este clip para filtros com uma barata verdadeira glow-in-the-dark certamente vai dar nas…
O legendário guia de Aaron James Cole está de volta numa edição completamente revista e actualizada. Leva-te aos sítios mais baratos, porreiros e deliciosos de Amesterdão!

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Beautiful handmade soap infused with hemp oil combines fine aroma's with skin care. Staring at the trippy patterns may cause time to slow down.
Be squeaky-clean thanks to your favourite product from Amsterdam. Just don't smoke it.
Icy Cannabis leaves floating in your drink on a hot summers day, or use the Cannabis Ice cube tray as a mold to make some delicious edibles. Either way your…
Um baralho de cartas de jogar com folhas de marijuana nas costas das cartas.
Este pequeno cogumelo Amanita muscaria irá alegremente armazenar todos os teus ficheiros digitais. Cabe no teu bolso e guarda até 4 GB.

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Tripa sem impulsos exteriores. O visionário e artista psicadélico Alex Grey inventou o Mindfold. Uma máscara que te permite abrir os olhos (e ver na escuridão total), para usares em…
Um porta-chaves com pinta, da colecção Cannabuds. Comprimento: 4.5 cm.
Porta-chaves super fixe com um verdadeiro cogumelo mágico, guardado num cubo transparente. Obrigatório para o verdadeiro psiconauta!
Para quem não esconde o seu amor pela natureza, este porta-chaves acrílico com uma imagem de folha de Cannabis no exterior, e verdadeirassementes de Cannabis dentro. Legalize!
Um porta-chaves do amigo Mush (4,5 cm).
The shoulder bag for all psychonauts who want to transmit positive vibes.
Let Alice help you out, just be careful of her magic potions and that funny guy in the hat.

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The Amsterdam Rolling Tray holds all your things, so you have free hands to roll an Amsterdam inspired doobie.
Roll a perfect joint without flinging your herbs all over the room with this handy rolling tray (20 x 16 cm). Made of recycled THC plastics.

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Perfect for the dj in your life, the grooviest of rolling trays.
Pay your respects to the most amazing, innovative guitarist of all time Jimi Hendrix, with the Jimi Hendrix rolling tray.

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This rolling tray is decorated with a well-known leaf and a well-known flag.
Esta planta especial do deserto parece morta, mas quando a colocas numa tigela com água cresce de repente e torna-se viva. A água da rosa de jericó diz-se ter propriedades…
These beautiful maracas are handmade by the Shipibo from Peru, and can be used in Ayahuasca ceremonies.
Smart AIR spray is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to neutralize unwanted odours in any environment, large or small. Just spray twice for an immediate and long-lasting fresh scent!

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The lenses in the Twinklerz space glasses diffract any source of light into a maelstrom of bright colours. The effect is mind-blowing and it turns your music festival or indoor…
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