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Equipamento para festivais

A secção da Azarius de Equipamento para Festivais tem todas as necessidade básicas para sobreviver a grandes festivais ou acampamentos, desde sacos-cama a conjuntos de cozinha! Prepara a tua Festa!


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Don't leaf this one hanging...

1 peça - 16,72 US$

Perhaps take this one down when your parents come to visit, you wouldn't want to get into truffle.

1 peça - 16,72 US$

I hope you have mush-room on your wall... because this batik needs to be on it.

1 peça - 16,72 US$

Produto fora de stock.

I guess... it's simply time to face the mushroom!

1 peça - 16,72 US$

Beautiful batik throw-over with rasta lion; very easy on the i & i.

1 peça - 16,72 US$

Beautiful batik throw-over with the Tree of Life. Great addition to create a cozy atmosphere in your room.

1 peça - 16,72 US$

Psychedelic cloth handmade from India. Made of 100% cotton in spacious factories, without the use of child labour

1 peça - 16,72 US$

Combine your two passions, cannabis and sex, into one! Tastes likes the real thing and protects like a condom should. Natural rubber condoms with reservoir and lubricant.

1 pack (2 condoms) - 3,40 US$

Small disposable pipe to use once and discard afterwards. 9 cm, includes screen.

1 peça - 1,15 US$

Lightweight emergency shelter tube tent, one of the most basic and easy tents to set up. Cord and instructions included.

1 peça - 11,47 US$

Produto fora de stock.

Because you never know who you are going to meet… your dentist could be a party animal!

1 peça - 0,58 US$

This party light may not be Gandalf's Flame of Udûn, but it will keep your party lit and contains citronella oil to repel insects.

blue, 1 piece - 2,25 US$

Produto fora de stock.

Poncho de plástico transparente dentro de uma bola, à espera de ser solto sob o teu comando, para lutar contra outro Pokémon. Oh. Esquece. Risca esta última parte.

1 peça - 1,73 US$0,86 US$

12 preservativos Ambassador Glyder.

12x Ambasador glyder - 4,04 US$

The shoulder bag for all psychonauts who want to transmit positive vibes.
Small pouch by Ryot protects your stash and smoking apparel against the elements and beer-swinging festival-goers.
Cash and stash go hand in hand with the Ryot Rip-Kit. Thieves know this too. But no worries: you got everything chained up.

1 peça - 33,44 US$

State of the art pocket sized case holds everything the vape of smoke enthusiast needs. Clever solutions abound and you don't have to worry about "that" smell.
The designers at Ryot have been thinking of you and your vaporizer too, with their fresh design Ryot SmellSafe Piper NoGoo.

1 peça - 44,97 US$

Foam sleeping mat in various colours. Definitely softer than sleeping on the ground.

1 piece - 13,26 US$

Produto fora de stock.

A simple pair of sunglasses. The one item that is more necessary than a sleeping bag at a festival. Vampires, don't leave home without one!

1 piece - 2,02 US$

Wear your love of Amsterdam with pride, with The Bulldog cap. Available in black or blue.
The lenses in the Twinklerz space glasses diffract any source of light into a maelstrom of bright colours. The effect is mind-blowing and it turns your music festival or indoor…

1 piece - 9,17 US$

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