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Se és feliz e sabes disso, então mostra-o! Aqui encontras coisas espantosas, roupas e engenhocas com o logótipo colorida da Azarius. Mostra ao mundo que és um fã feliz!

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High quality Azarius smoking papers, available with and without roaches. Pristine white cover with the colourful Azarius logo on the front and the icons on the back.
Smoking paper + roaches - 1,80 US$
In 2019 Azarius celebrates its 20th birthday! Light a big Jay with our special anniversary smoking paper (with tips). Here's to another 20 years of getting you high.
1 peça - 1,80 US$
Small metal grinder adorned with a cannabis leaf specially designed to celebrate 20 years of Azarius.
1 item - 5,40 US$
Filtros da tua loja virtual favorita! 50 filtros em cada livrinho.
1 item - 0,60 US$
The perfect bag to complement your Azarius T-shirt. Exclusive art print by the street artist Sjem Bakkus in collaboration with Amsterdam Street Art.
1 peça - 17,93 US$
Azarius fashion is back at it! We proudly present our second collaboration with Amsterdam Street Art for the High Inspired Collection: the Mossy Giant t-shirt in white. The playful peyote…
M - 29,93 US$
Psilocybin is a wonderful molecule which opens the mind to the beauty of the universe. Always carry this insight with you as a keychain in the form of its chemical…
1 piece - 11,39 US$
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