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Mortalhas | Papéis de fumar

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Mortalhas de qualidade em todas as formas e tamanhos, para enrolar fácil e fumar suave. Para os fumadores com mais consciência entre nós, a Azarius oferece mortalhas não-branqueadas e ecológicas.

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In 2019 Azarius celebrates its 20th birthday! Light a big Jay with our special anniversary smoking paper (with tips). Here's to another 20 years of getting you high.
1 peça - 1,83 US$
High quality Azarius smoking papers, available with and without roaches. Pristine white cover with the colourful Azarius logo on the front and the icons on the back.
Smoking paper + roaches - 1,83 US$
You've given up tobacco, but you still want to enjoy smoking a blunt? Higher Standards Premium Hemp Wraps offers the perfect solution for a classy, tasty and slow-burning smoking experience.
1 piece - 42,65 US$

Produto fora de stock.

A edição preta das mortalhas da The Bulldog.
1 pacote - 1,22 US$
As famosas mortalhas gigantes da Smoking enrolam facilmente o charro perfeito. 8 tipos diferentes!

Decadence to the max! This golden smoking paper is great for celebrating new year, your birthday or 420.

1 peça - 20,11 US$

Produto fora de stock.

King size slim and bleached smoking paper that dares to question why. Available with various Why? Why not? cartoons that make you laugh, think and wonder why society is the…
Vibes 1 1/4 cones make for a super easy smoke. A coffin holds 6 cones which are available in three different styles.
Vibes King Size cones make for an easy and long smoke. A coffin holds 3 cones which are available in three different styles.
The Vibes Cubano cone can hold 8 grams of weed. That's one mighty smoke.
ultra thin - 6,09 US$

Produto fora de stock.

If you need to roll the perfect big joint Vibes king size slim papers present the superior choice. And they are available in three different variants!
Vibes 1 1/4 papers make for a luxurious smoking ritual. These 50 paper booklets are available in three different styles.
With these extra cones you can keep filling your OTTO grinder with weed so it churns out perfectly filled joints.
1 piece - 9,14 US$

Produto fora de stock.

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