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Space Case titanium (4 parts)

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Space Case titanium (4 parts) 95,74 US$

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Sure, we all know that when it comes to grinding your herb, you can wing it by just using your hands. However, if you want to really do it properly and quickly, and have fun whilst doing so, you should use a grinder. And this model happens to be the best of the best, according to practically any stoner who knows what they're talking about when it comes to grinders.

This grinder is made of titanium plated aluminium.

Razor-sharp teeth

The Space Case features razor-sharp diamond cut teeth that quickly and relentlessly grind up your herb. The result is an even, fine grind in a matter of seconds. The teeth are unbreakable, and even after years of intensive use, they will be as sharp as ever. 

Premium materials

The Space Case is made of aircraft grade aluminium, manufactured with the latest technology. You instantly know by the look and feel of the Space Case that it's a durable grinder of the highest possible quality.

Super smooth grinding

This grinder features a magnetic lid with neodymium magnets, that just clips (and stays) into place. This makes it super comfortable to grind, and easy to take on the go. This grinder also featured textured grips that make it easy to hold and operate, and Teflon grade O-rings that make for an extra smooth grinding experience. 

Kief catch

The 4-piece version of the Space Case has a built-in kief catch that separates the most valuable parts from your bud - ready to be sprinkled into your joint, or to be saved for a special occasion.


Small: 5.1 cm
Medium: 6.35 cm
Large: 8.9 cm

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