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Tal como o nome indica, um grinder (moedor) é um instrumento desenhado para moer ervas e especiarias. Pode ser usado para todos os tipos de ervas, mas estes são particularmente bons para triturar flores de cannabis de forma a mais facilmente serem fumadas.
Se és grande fã do ouro verde, com certeza quererás adquirir um bom grinder. A Azarius garante uma excelente seleção de grinders de metal cortante, madeira vintage e plástico colorido. Estamos confiantes de que encontrarás um grinder pelo qual te apaixonarás, na nossa headshop online!

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Small metal grinder adorned with a cannabis leaf specially designed to celebrate 20 years of Azarius.
1 item - 5,26 US$
Are the screens and O-rings of your Cali Crusher Standard all stressed? No need to buy a new grinder if you can simply replace them.
1 peça - 16,94 US$11,86 US$

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The 2-part grinder by Aerospaced is a minimalistic beauty available in different sizes because we all have different needs when it comes to ground weed.
The large Aerospaced 4-Piece Grinder is ideal for shredding larger quantities of your favourite herb, whether you are off to a party, going camping or planning an indefinite stay in…
Whether you are smoking or vaping, the Aerospaced 4-Piece Grinder Medium will effortlessly shred through your precious bud.
With its razor sharp teeth, magnetic lid and aluminum body, the Aerospaced 4-Piece grinder small is functional, efficient and very handsome.
This acryl 3-piece grinder by Aerospaced is great to have on you at all times and it doubles as a small stash box.
Cali Crusher Homegrown presents the ultimate two-piece grinder. It grinds effortlessly and is built to last.
The Cali Crusher pollinator grinder is the absolute best grinder money can buy. It shreds with ease and is made from top-of-the-line materials for extreme durability.

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Looking for a coarse grind? The Groove grinder by Aerospaced offers just that. Keep those buds coming!
The Royal Queen Seeds Embossed Metal Grinder looks like a million bucks. But the best thing is that it performs as good as it looks.
1 peça - 17,52 US$

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A good grinder is a must-have. With the Royal Queen Seeds Engraved Metal Grinder, you will get a first-class grinder that won’t disappoint.
1 peça - 14,60 US$

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The Royal Queen Seeds Mill grinder has a clear top and hand crank mechanism. Perfect for milling your herbs in a hurry.
1 peça - 17,52 US$

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Luxury black grinder by New Vape that produces a coarse grind.
1 peça - 80,61 US$
Luxury titanium grey grinder by New Vape that produces a fine grind.
1 peça - 80,61 US$
The Rocket is much more than a grinder. This is a complete ballistic solution for blowing your mind into space. Ready for take-off?
1 peça - 33,88 US$
Vibes and Aerospaced team up to make a virtually indestructible but lightweight grinder.
Vibes and Aerospaced collab for a 4-part grinder that should shred enough weed for all your friends.
Do you want some extra weed on your soup, I mean, in your joint? Give the Weedmill a couple of turns and let the good stuff fall. Ready for use.
You love their seeds and now there is a cool grinder to prepare those tasty Green House buds with.
1 peça - 2,34 US$

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