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Dabs or dabbing refers to the act of holding a highly concentrated cannabis extract (such as THC or CBD rich oils) near a surface heated with a torch lighter and inhaling the vapours through a special type of bong or pipe called an 'oil rig'. Some have called dabbing the technological evolution of smoking cannabis.

The tool one uses for dabbing is simply called the dabber, which is typically a glass or titanium wand that allows you to take a tiny bit of concentrate (e.g. oil or wax) and place it on the so-called oil rig. The oil rig looks quite similar to a glass bong but it's especially suited for smoking (oily) concentrates.

The part of the oil rig where the dab is applied to and subsequently turned into smoke is called the nail. Nails come in several types: with or without a dome. A dome sits on top of the nail and keeps the smoke in. Domeless nails hold the smoke through an outer disk or holes around the nail itself.

If you're looking for a quality headshop selling dabbing gear, look no further! Azarius is the biggest combined smartshop, headshop and vaporizer shop in Europe and we've got the tools you need to try your hand at dabs.


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This domeless nail fits any standard 14 or 18/19 mm female joint and can turn your glass bong into a powerful tool for dabbing oil concentrates. Grade 2 titanium steel…

1 peça - $ 21,25

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Smooth, bubbly bubbles bounce through the Easy Flow Bubbler Glass Bomb Tower. Creating delicious clouds, that help you to get as high as a kite.

1 peça - $ 65,99

Take smoking of concentrates to a whole new level with this glass rig by the true highnesses, Cheech & Chong.

1 peça - $ 121,91

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The Cheech & Chong Strawberry recycler bubbler has more curves than a fine dame. Specially designed for the consumption of concentrates.

1 peça - $ 99,54

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Replacement bubbler for the Dabbie PRO.

1 peça - $ 27,40

Set of two ceramic nails to be used on the Dabbie PRO Portable E-Nail.

1 peça - $ 16,22

Set of two titanium nails to be used on the Dabbie PRO Portable E-Nail.

1 peça - $ 16,22

Small dab tool to conveniently scoop up and load concentrate into your vaporizer.

1 peça - $ 5,54

Convenient silicon ball for storing all your oily or waxy vaping material.

1 peça - $ 5,54

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Your as smooth as honey baby. This glass tower bubbler treats your throat, like honey in tea on a cold winters day.

1 peça - $ 65,99

Isqueiro maçarico compacto, com uma poderosa chama a jato. Os isqueiros maçarico têm uma chama mais quente do que os isqueiros normais, tornando-os mais apropriados para aquecer ervas que requeiram…

1 peça - $ 7,27

The silicone dab station by Red Eye Tek is the most convenient way of storing your dabbing material. Contains seven chambers and multiple dab stations can be stacked on top…

1 peça - $ 21,81

Warning: The Honey, glass bubbler by Easy Flow may become the new love of your life, dear I say it, the honey to your bee.

1 peça - $ 54,81

Use your bong to dab. Just connect this domeless grade 2 titanium nail to your bong and you're good to go. Connects to 14 or 18 mm, male or female.

1 peça - $ 43,62

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If you want to dabble in the art of dabbing but don't like the extra expense of buying a separate oil rig, just try this special nail with fitting. This…

1 peça - $ 32,44

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