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Vibes and Aerospaced team up to make a virtually indestructible but lightweight grinder.
Vibes and Aerospaced collab for a 4-part grinder that should shred enough weed for all your friends.
Vibes 1 1/4 cones make for a super easy smoke. A coffin holds 6 cones which are available in three different styles.
Vibes King Size cones make for an easy and long smoke. A coffin holds 3 cones which are available in three different styles.
Getting thirsty after hitting that joint? Hydrate yourself with this slick bottle by Vibes and Nalgene.
If you need to roll the perfect big joint Vibes king size slim papers present the superior choice. And they are available in three different variants!
Summer Vibes with this colourful snapback cap that will keep you head cool.
Complete your Vibes smoking lifestyle with one of these soft and stylish beanies.
Vibes 1 1/4 papers make for a luxurious smoking ritual. These 50 paper booklets are available in three different styles.


VIBES is the latest brand launched by San Francisco legend Berner, the man behind the ginormous Cookies empire. VIBES’ top of the bill rolling papers and cones are cultivated and crafted in France, and cut and kitted in the Dominican Republic. If you’re familiar with Berner, you know he’s all about the consumer’s taste experience. VIBES is another product of that endless dedication, providing the true cannasseur with the ultimate cheeba experience by preserving the purity and potency of our beloved herbs. Whether you prefer Hemp, Rice or Ultra Thin - the lightest paper currently available -, VIBES has got you covered. But VIBES has more to offer than just papers and cones; enjoy our amazing collection of grinders, swag and much more. Catch a Vibe!

VIBES papers and cones

VIBES paper and cones are available in three options: Hemp, Ultra Thin and Rice. The Hemp collection is recognised by its signature red, Ultra Thin comes in black and Rice is defined by its blue hue. Let’s have a closer look at all three options.


VIBES Hemp papers and cones are watermarked. It’s 100% bleached hemp for which strictly neutral environmental components were used.  VIBES Hemp has a transparent appearance. It’s totally chlorine-free and chalk-free.

VIBES Ultra Thin

VIBES Ultra Thin papers and cones are also watermarked. It’s 100% unbleached wood pulp. VIBES Ultra Thin has a light brown appearance. In true VIBES style, it’s totally chlorine-free and chalk-free.


VIBES Rice papers and cones are watermarked as well. It’s a combination of hemp/flax (85%) and bleached wood pulp (15%). VIBES Rice has a transparent appearance. VIBES Rice also is totally chlorine-free and chalk-free.


Show your love for VIBES and stay fresh with our collection of VIBES Swag. From beanies to water bottles to plenty more stuff coming soon - Europe is about to Catch a Vibe!

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