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Build your own pharmacy with these classic glass jars by EHLE.
A diffuser downtube replacement with a joint size of 14.5 or 18.8 mm. Diffuser downtubes contain several smaller holes which cools down the smoke more than a regular non-diffuser downtube.
A replacement downtube made especially for EHLE bongs.
Set of three glass tips by EHLE to be used in combination with activated carbon filters for a cleaner smoking experience with less carbon emission.

3 peças - 25,03 US$

To save you from the baking sun in the Mexican desert, the sombrero can be helpful, but this great ice bong will properly cool you down. So, put the sombreros…

1 peça - 83,38 US$

This borosilicate glass funnel-shaped bowl will fit any EHLE bong with pinpoint precision, but can also be used with other 14.5 or 18.8 mm joint bongs.
A classy bong, with a clean and minimal shape. What it lacks in tacky decoration it compensates in smoothness and solidness of design and construction.

1 peça - 121,90 US$

Glass gauze made by EHLE, a perfect fit for your glass bong.
Durable glass gauze will keep your herbs tasty at all times.

1 peça - 2,57 US$

Slender glass pipe specially made for oils.

1 peça - 31,45 US$

The shape is simple, but studied in every small detail, for this handcrafted, classic bong with perfect functionality and sleek aesthetics.

1 peça - 134,73 US$

It's time to kick it back and take some time to let go of the stress for the daily grind. Enjoy the smoothly cooled smoke of the Honeycomb.

1 peça - 128,32 US$

Glass snorting tube with handy dot so it can never mysteriously disappear.

1 peça - 9,63 US$

Multi-purpose glass tube let's you snort herbs and assorted powders with scientific precision.

1 peça - 12,20 US$

This borosilicate glass screen-notch bowl will fit any EHLE bong with pinpoint precision, but can also be used with other 14.5 or 18.8 mm joint bongs.
Elegance in a bong. No this is not an oxymoron. It is the new line of hand crafted glass bongs by German manufacturer EHLE.
Concoct a magic potion or two with The Alchemist, a small spherical glass bong with 40mm thick borosilicate glass.
Luxurious glass tube gives a bit of colour to your sniffing experience.

1 peça - 37,87 US$

Gaze into the murky future or read the minds of those around you. With this 5 mm Third Eye bong, your view of the world may very well change forever.

1 peça - 173,25 US$

Produto fora de stock.

Make your own oil concentrate with the glass lab chic of EHLE.
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