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Natural ways to improve your sex life

A shaman, or medicine man, is not only an expert in the use of plants for healing and religious purposes but also to make sure that the members of his (or her) tribe produce sufficient offspring. Many ancient rituals were known as "fertility rites", during which participants ingested special herb mixtures to improve their potency and sexual drive. Some of these rites were orgiastic in nature, strengthening the sense of community amongst its members. Many of these societies were matrilineal, in other words: family lines were traced through the mothers rather than the fathers. Such tribes held the feminine in high regard and often had a Goddess (the "Great Mother") as their supreme deity. Later societies became much more patriarchal, with a male God who condemned sex for pleasure.

The science of aphrodisiacs ("love potions") was an important aspect of Ayurveda, the medicinal system of ancient India, and many other traditions throughout the world. Although many aphrodisiacs have no scientific basis but are instead the result of primitive superstition (for example the use of animal products like the horns of a rhinoceros), many of the herbs that have been used for millennia do indeed increase the flow of blood to the genitals, or alter one's consciousness in a way that's beneficial to lovemaking.


Aphrodisiacs are meant to improve the sexual potency and endurance but are meant for healthy individuals. Contrary to modern pharmaceuticals, they do not artificially stimulate an erection. They may strengthen the erection, but if there's no sexual stimulus, the effects will hardly be noticed.

The aphrodisiacs on our website are not medicines and should not be taken as such. They enhance but do not cure. This means they are milder, safer and generally don't have a side-effect. Many manufacturers and web shops use terms like "herbal Viagra" to attract customers, but the fact is that no herb or combination of herbs can ever match the effects of synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Popular products

There are a couple of herbs and nutrients that are included in practically every "herbal V" formula on the market. We'll discuss these below. But first let us discuss one herb that's never included, because it's illegal in most countries, and is best ingested by smoking or using a vaporizer. That herb is, some of you might have guessed, cannabis.


In various Hindu texts, cannabis is glorified as the favourite aphrodisiacs of the gods. Experience confirms that cannabis adds an interesting dimension to one's lovemaking. It doesn't increase the blood flow to the genitals like other aphrodisiacs do, but it alters one's state of mind in such a way that makes having sex so much more pleasurable, both for him and her.

Although cannabis has some side effects that may be experienced as bothersome, particularly dry mouth and cold hands, it's a muscle relaxant and tends to put one in a patient and "devotional" state of mind, in which pleasure of the partner is seen as much more important than one's own gratification. Cannabis combines well with tantric techniques (described further below), aimed at delaying orgasm.

There's no doubt that psychedelics, like shrooms and LSD, can give amazing sexual experiences. However, because of the unpredictable nature of these substances, and their long duration, they are rarely taken for their aphrodisiacal qualities alone. Especially on a higher dosage, it's difficult to stay focused, as one may easily become distracted by external and internal stimuli. There is however considerable evidence that in the fertility rites mentioned above, natural psychedelics played a central role. It's also obvious from the sexual freedom practised and promoted by the hippies that psychedelic drugs enhance sexual expression and release one from outdated moral restrictions (Western culture's puritan past).


Although popular, Maca (Lepidium meyenii) doesn't have a strong or immediate effect. It contains various nutrients that make one more healthy and virile, but sexual arousal is generally not enhanced. Maca is useful for both men and women. It gives energy, reduces anxiety and supports the endocrine system. Maca has also been shown to improve sperm production, sperm motility, and semen volume. Because of Maca's low strength, it's best to take either an extract, or mix a larger quantity of Maca powder through a drink and take it on a daily basis.


Damiana (Turnera diffusa) is one of the best natural and legal aphrodisiacs around. It gives a mild "high" that lasts approximately 2 hours, and which is very conducive to romance and lovemaking. Damiana is also suitable for both men and women. For a significant dose, it's best to get damiana leaves and make a tea or mix some damiana powder through a drink. If taken on an empty stomach the effects will be noticeable within 20 minutes.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium) is a herb that was well known in Traditional Chinese Medicine but is now widely available throughout the world. The active ingredient is icariin, which is said to work by increasing levels of nitric oxide, relaxing smooth muscle, resulting in increased blood pressure within the penis. It's one of the most reliable natural aphrodisiacs, especially suitable for men.


This is a common amino acid that, when taken in higher doses, increases the level of nitric oxide, thus giving an effect similar to the one described for Horny Goat Weed. Modern "spanish fly" products generally contain L-arginine rather than substances derived from insects. To experience an optimal effect, L-arginine is best taken on an empty stomach.


Tantra is a term that's often used to describe methods of merging sexuality and spirituality, and either delaying orgasm or forgoing it altogether. It's beyond the scope of this article to give a detailed account of tantric techniques, but the following information is worth mentioning.

The premature orgasm is a common problem amongst teenagers and adults as well. If one simply gives in to one's impulses, orgasm will come very quickly. This is how nature has designed our bodies: to optimize chances of reproduction, ejaculation of sperm must come quickly. Naturally, the person to have an orgasm first is the man, to the disappointment of the woman. To avoid this problem, one must take it very slowly, especially in the beginning. There is even a "sexual position" named Kareeza, wherein the partners simply embrace each other, without moving. For those who regularly experience a premature orgasm, this may actually be a great way to start. After extended foreplay and then penetration, simply embrace each other for 2 to 5 minutes, without moving. This will allow the highly aroused nervous system to relax a bit, while the excretion of bodily fluids helps to reduce friction. If one then starts to move again, slowly at first, it will take much longer before he gets to the point of no return. And if the man feels he's nearing that point of no return, he can simply switch back to Kareeza for a couple of seconds or minutes. If he becomes experienced in this method, it's possible to get to a stage where even very fast movement will not result in a premature orgasm, and the lovemaking may last as long as he wants.

Not only his partner will benefit from this approach: a delayed orgasm tends to be much stronger and pleasurable than one that's reached within one or five minutes. One also raises the chance of climaxing together, which is extremely pleasing, especially for lovers.


  • Reggie 16-01-2013 05:48:38

    The man does not always come first. And the woman is not always disappointed if the man comes first.

  • Tone 05-12-2014 10:39:23

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