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Aceitamos Bitcoins

Aceitamos Bitcoins
Estamos felizes por anunciar que agora aceitamos Bitcoins, como método de pagamento.

Para mais informações sobre as Bitcoins, visita

Os primeiros 1000 Euros em pagamentos Bitcoin serão integralmente doados ao Erowid, para apoiar o acesso a informação de confiança e sem juízos de valores acerca, de plantas psicoactivas, químicos e assuntos relacionados.

Todos os pagamentos Bitcoin são efetuados por um terceiro elemento - MtGox ou BitPay.

Bitcoin Explained from Duncan Elms on Vimeo.


  • Simpi - 2013-04-09 17:35:35

    Well that's nice, Could you perhaps maybe make an introductory video about it on Youtube? ^^, like how your payment system is thought to be like and what it looks like for the customer when they're going to order from you ^^

  • Wayne LaPierre - 2013-04-10 08:47:49

    Do you also accept gold? Or are you trying to be more like Silkroad? I don't see any Bitcoin prices here though...
    And what about 'Litecoins'?

    I can't wait till the hype is over (or the new Bitcoin patch) and the bitcoin price is back to it's normal range value...
    Bunch of lobbyists and conspiracists inflated the once noble undergound currency to a bloated overhyped Ponzi scheme...

  • Azarius - 2013-04-10 13:25:44

    The prices on the site are not in Bitcoins at the moment, but when you place your order the total amount is converted to Bitcoins by MtGox.

    We choose for this option because the Bitcoin value is fluctuating a lot, and we thought it is easier for people to use their 'own' currency.

    We might add Bitcoin prices in the future though.

  • aaaaa - 2013-04-13 02:04:14

    and how to make sure that my paiment is sent to you i mean would you send me messege saying that you recive the money or what??

    [ Azarius: Yeah, this is all handled by the payment provider, MtGox.]

  • Wobble - 2013-04-15 12:15:57

    The only way bitcoin is going to become a valid currency instead of the bubble it has become is by shops accepting them as valid payment.

    This certainly is a step in the right direction, go Azarius!

  • MaryLovesThat - 2013-04-17 19:01:39

    Wouldn't be better to use *BitPay* ?
    MtGox has had a lot of problems. DDOS.
    And most important. with BitPay, according to the you could pay directly from your bitcoin wallet, maintaining your *privacy*.
    In short BitPay seams more *reliable* to merchants and more *private* to customers.

    Thank Mary,
    A Human

  • TheJigga - 2013-05-06 02:18:29

    While BitPay may sound nicer, unfortunately, their attitude towards sites such as this isn't.


  • Bloodrust - 2013-06-18 01:40:40

    seeds arent chemicals or derivatives,etc, think about it.

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